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Hello, fight fans and people with Internet access at work!

It's been a long time since, I've done one of these but with the new format and the bitching I thought I'd try and bring back a piece people remember. Here's my two cents on the change, it's not great but as long as the community is good and ABB wannabes fail and flake it out, it'll be juuusssst fine.

There's been a lot of recent news in mixed martial arts like Showtime reports floating that Strikeforce is on it's last legs since it's taken up boxing as it's sport draw, Dave Batista won against someone who needed money, the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) is hosting 36 events it feels like of late and what I believe will be UFC president Dana White's 'game changer'......not not Sarah Palin.

Let's dive in!

Showtime could nix Strikeforce

Sooner than later, Strikeforce will be nothing more than a memory of what could've been and a day in March when the MMA world was flipped by the UFC's purchase of the rival brand.

The cracks started when then-Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields beat Dan Henderson and the brand couldn't hold onto it's champion, Fedor losing to Werdum, The heavyweight world grand prix taking over a year to complete, Gilbert Melendez getting injured thus causing a show to be canceled.

As you know these are just a few of the problems and with the November 3rd card basically on death row with no opponent for Daniel Cormier and Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold on the shelve, is there even a pulse left?.

You have Ronda Rousey who is their biggest star right now but with Sara McMann out and 'Cyborg' Santos serving a suspension, you have nothing for Rousey. In fact, I'd say she's outgrown the resources and exposure that Showtime can even offer.

End it, please for the sake of young and talented fighters dwindling for a show once every blue moon.

Ex-WWE champion wins an MMA bout

Dave Batista finally got in the cage and he won in fashion of a true amateur. He survived an early onslaught from a not-so in shape man and took him down (No, not with the SPINEBUSTER). Batista proceeded with some ground and pound on his belly-downed opponent until the ref called the bout.

It was $30 and you know someone probably paid for it.

Dave Batista is such a huge star for WWE fans that no matter what he did this past weekend, it wouldn't have changed opinions of what he is, where he should fight and what to expect. Batista, expects the least of his new venture as he admitted that he'll never be a world champion in MMA and that's fine.

he simply wanted to test himself and fighting a guy who's spent years training and has over forty professional bouts is testing yourself. He survived some blows due to his hands being dangerously low but he was able to take him down and apply his his Brazilian jiu jitsu game. We've seen Adonis bodies come in and get whooped by guys with far less intimidating physiques but it was clear Batista was in game shape in comparison.

He's honest and relaistic but the problem is that his celebrity status won't allow him to just grow and get some much needed experience.

Dana White's 'game changer' for 2013

UFC president Dana White says that the FOX network has no concerns over it's numbers on Fuel and FX. This may be true since they are the highest viewed shows on those less than amazing channels. The UFC on FOX numbers have to be atleast not so widely loved.

The president is hoping that the heavily stacked December card which is headlined by the second ever championship defense on FOX is held. Lightweight champion Benson Henderson faces the UFC on FOX 3 star, Nate Diaz in the main event. Mauricio Rua faces Alexander Gustafsson, BJ Penn returns against phenom Rory McDonald and Mike Swick takes on 'everyday man' Matt Brown.

With the apparent collapse of the deal between Strikeforce and Showtime, Dana White has a chance to end a personal opinion and breathe in a new era, women's MMA.

Invicta has proven there is curiosity and demand with back to back solid numbers that crashed their servers, the rise of Ronda Rousey and the possible return of 'Cybrog' Santos for 2013.

I am envisioning that the UFC will usher in a 135LBS women's division in time for the new year with an all female 'Ultimate Fighter'. Coached by Ronda Rousey vs. Cyborg Santos and with the winner of the season facing the winner of the coaches battle. The reason it could work this way is because the level of talent of the house would be the strongest in terms of resume since TUF 4.

The UFC could easily buy out Invicta but I'd like to see them offer Shannon Knapp some sort of position to be the spokesperson for the women, a sort of breathe of fresh air over Dana White.

That's all I've got!

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