Idea Proposal: UFC: The Movie

Over the past few years, we have seen Hollywood attempt to make a MMA movie; However each one has come out more cheesy then the next.

Never Back Down was one of those movies aimed at white kids who wear wife beaters and actually go to the movies to see sequels of good movies that you know will suck(Examples: Any American Pie after the wedding one or anything that has the title Blah Blah 2: Beer Pong.

Warrior was just one of those 20 boxing movies that we have seen with a cheesy twist. No offense to anybody that liked it, it was a good movie, but the storyline made me not even want to watch it. A math teacher who enters a tournament and has to fight his long lost brother who he hates, oh and get this, his wife left him as well. I never seen the movie, I just assume this was the plot title.

Then, we saw the industry take the nonfiction route with the Hammer. Love Matt Hammil, but they took the cheesy route in that one. They should of made it a dark story like it probably was, instead they made it a happy town movie with an inspirational story, which it is, but still, show the dark side of things.

So, I was brainstorming and thought the next MMA movie should be a nonfiction story about the beginning of the UFC. The timeline would be 1993-2001(when Zuffa bought the UFC.)

Start the film leading up to UFC 1, show the background of how it was developed, how they found the fighters, ect. Then build it up to UFC 1. Show the fans reaction to the first fight(when the dude from Hawaii 5/0 got his teeth kicked out. You could kind of have fun with the crowds reactions to what was going on. Like when they booed Shamrock for winning by Leglock, maybe a fan goes "what the fuck was that!" Also, show a bunch of UFC fighters as little kids or whatever age they were watching the fights, maybe not mention their names, but just show them watching it.

After the event, maybe skim through a couple of events, just show the characters and highlights(recreational) of guys like Don Frye, Mark Coleman, Gary Goodridge, Royce, Severn, Tank Abbot of course, you get the drift.

At the same time, also show the storylines of Dana White, the Fertitta's, and John Mccain.

This movie would kind of be like the Howard Stern: Private Parts of the UFC.

Open up with a narrator talking over and old clip of Gracie vs Kimura explaining the idea of which fighting style is the greatest. Go through the various styles and jump straight into the idea leading up to Gracie and TV execs locking the deal for the first UFC event.

Sorry if you hate the idea haha! But if you like it, add in your own ideas such as scenes, who plays who actor wise(Dr Evil: Dana White??,) and what must be in the film.

Oh yeah, I dont know what the jump is, so sorry if this looks horrible, I only did one epic fail of a fanpost before!

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