All fuckin day I have been putting this post off, cos I knew it was gonna be a fuckin pain in the ass to do. Ever since this new fuckin bullshit layout came along, makin these posts is just such a fuckin headache!! All this paragraph is only being put in and I'm not even half way through makin the fuckin post and I just feel like givin up. All I can see is letters and fuckin codes and shit. Now I had to go from Visual view to Html view and both are just fucked up, had to delete this and that and finally it's back to normal. This shit used never fuckin happen before.

Preview, edit fuckin preview again. Publish. Edit again. Why the fuck is the preview different to what is bein published?

Why is all the writin bold, when bold isn't even fuckin selected?!?!

I'm fuckin snappin! FOR FUCK SAKE

I swear to fuck, fuck this shit!! Hours. Fucking hours this post has taken me, and I'm still not fuckin finished. What the fuck is this shit?

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Visual view, HTML view. Same fuckin shit. Unclosed tags? The fuck is that all about? Never before have I had so much fuckin stress doin these posts. Edit, check, edit, check. Start over. Balls to this shit!!


You see that? Current word count! 308. Three hundred and eight. Where the fuck did the other 600 fuckin words go?

Rant over.

For now..


Well isn't the UFC turnin into the WWE. All it is is drama after drama lately. Wtf is goin on? Fighters gettin arrested, missin weight, refusin fights, breakin down in the cage. It's all happenin lately and its a load of shit. None of it is beneficial for anyone.

UFC on FX 5 is in the books, and there were quite a few upsets to say the least. Bigfoot was supposed to lose this fight. Only 2 of us thought he could pull it off. Josh neer, he was the heavy favorite picked by each and every one of us. Well, I picked him cos I figured I'd be the only fool not to score points on this fight. Well, Neer fell asleep quite early and made mugs of us all.

Last night's event had only 3 decisions, but the only decision that mattered was that of the cops holdin Jeremy Stephens. And they unanimously decided that he was stayin in jail. Shame, cos he missed an excitin night of fights, bar those midgets fightin. Dodson, what a fuckin tool that kid is.

A shout out to kg12 and BNF both of the Moneypool representin Mania in the top 10 of all of PG.

For our own part, tr8k is joint 26th with only 26 points from main PG leader.

Welcome back Liverpoolsnxt. I was gonna boot ya, so nice scorin on your return.

Top 3


3rd Place:


My main man. My fellow Paddy! Last weeks shit picker dusted himself off and got his shit together to take 3rd place. Congrats kid, the hot bout selection cost ya top spot though....

He reaches the podium for the first time this season by:

  • Scoring 56 points
  • Had 8/10 correct picks.
  • Max points on Nunes and Uyenoyama.
  • 0 hot points.
Player Username: IrishKev
Event Title: UFC on FX 5
Points Awarded: 56
Event Rank: #150 out of 1936




Thunder snatches 2nd place by the smallest of margins. A single point was enough to steal the silver. Well done!Thunder made his first top 3 finish this season by:

  • Scoring 57 points
  • Went 8/10 correctly
  • Max points on Nunes and Ellenberger
  • 10 hot points.
Player Username: thunderdownunder
Event Title: UFC on FX 5
Points Awarded: 57
Event Rank: #130 out of 1936


Winner, Numero Uno, Top dog!


I have been on top since the start, but if someone scores a minimum of 50 every event so far, its inevitable he reaches the top spot. That's exactly what we have here. Tr8k has not scored below 50 yet this season, and was runner up last event. This week, he goes one better. Congrats fella, solid scorin all round!!

He takes the top spot in this event by:

  • Scorin 61 points
  • 8/10 correct
  • Max points on Nunes and Uyenoyama.
  • 14 Hot points secured the top spot!
Player Username: tr8k
Event Title: UFC on FX 5
Points Awarded: 61
Event Rank: #55 out of 1936

Well done! You are on fire bud, keep it up and this league is yours.



Well, Phasebook did say you were inconsistent, and I guess he was right. Karpentero fuck this up with a shit score of 25. Even though 25 isn't the worst score ever, gettin 5 right and only scorin 5 points per fight just wont cut it.


Oh boy. Did the hot bout save me or what?!

Normally the Hot-bout is pretty evenly split, but not this one. 13/19 correctly predicted Johnson takin this fight. Only one got 14 points ( Tr8k) and only one person scored this perfectly (Bons). PHEW!


Event scores.

Very close event with the top 7 only separated by 10 points!!

1 61 tr8k
2 57 thunderdownunder
3 56 IrishKev
4 54 vhw
5 53 scott1
6 52 fosforito11
7 51 liverpoolsnxt
8 50 wolfman13
9 49 Geno_Gargles_Grims_Balls
10 48 Raymondo
11 46 McRad
11 46 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop
13 43 Bons_210309
13 43 paulnewman
15 39 fulch
16 37 PotOfGold
17 33 bezeau24
17 33 MrGrapplefan
19 25 karpentero

Current league standings

Finally, after 3 events I have relinquished the top spot. This is the still very close at the top, with the top 5 only separated by 20 points. It's still wide open, but the new leader is in some serious form!

1 240 tr8k
2 236 Bons_210309
3 235 Geno_Gargles_Grims_Balls
4 223 thunderdownunder
5 220 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop
6 213 fosforito11
7 208 fulch
8 204 McRad
9 203 PotOfGold
10 201 wolfman13
11 197 bezeau24
11 197 paulnewman
12 196 Raymondo
13 190 karpentero
14 189 scott1
15 182 vhw
16 178 MrGrapplefan
17 167 IrishKev
18 99 Stazza
19 51 liverpoolsnxt
20 18 Aiden08

Knock out Tournament Results. Round 2.1

Pride and Sanabria. May the best man win. Super close.

Fulch. Ya got your hands full here.

Bubbles (Bez) Your fucked.

Fosforito. You have the initiative. Don't fuck it up, cos Unambig will score decently.

Karp, you shouldn't even be here. Should have been me. You need to step it up now!

Rolandando and BNF. The 2 top dogs! Look forward to the next event scores.

McRad, cmon. Drew's bloody vag now. Get it together.

Grims. Representin the Free poolers in the 2nd half of the tourny. Good luck!


The Loser's Bracket

Congrats to Rilly and Joben who have made it to the irrelevant final of the loser's tourny.

Rilly does so by the margin of 1 fight, 5 points. Unlucky Ninja!

Joben makes it past Ulf by havin a better previous round score after this event was tied.


Finally, there you fuckin have it. Comment and bitch away.

Was there a Friday Fun Thread? Or did I just miss it, which wouldn't really surprise me.




Thats the bottom of the post!

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