Trainer: Travis Browne's knee 'blown out' in first round against 'Bigfoot' Silva

Photo by Tracy Lee for CombatLifestyle

Travis Browne's massive 6'7" frame looked unsteady shortly into his UFC on FX 5 main event against Antonio Silva. And, according to his trainer Greg Jackson, it's because "Hapa" blew out his knee.

Travis Browne came into his Heavyweight showdown with Antonio Silva at UFC on FX 5 tonight (Oct. 5, 2012) at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn., looking to send a message to the rest of the division.

In fact, he wanted to put them on blast.

Unfortunately, the only thing that got put on blast when all was said and done were the ligaments holding "Hapa's" knee in place. That's right, according to Browne's trainer, Greg Jackson, the previously undefeated heavyweight hopeful sustained a knee injury in the early part of the first round that led to his ultimate undoing.

Jackson's Tweet:

@travisbrowneMMA blown out knee on first high kick! He will be back and stronger than ever! #warrior

It appeared that Browne stepped oddly shortly after eating a "Bigfoot" knuckle sandwich. It certainly didn't appear significant at the time, but he favored it enough that the ringside announcers quickly pointed out that something might be wrong.

He soldiered on after the initial tweak, but Silva eventually blasted him en route to a savage technical knockout stoppage. Browne attempted to get to his feet when the fight was stopped, but he was so punch drunk -- and apparently operating with just one good leg -- that he stumbled across the Octagon in a stupor.

Prior to the post-fight interview with Silva, Browne was walking around the cage with a noticeable limp, which would indicate that he was hurt and that Jackson was accurate in his assessment. Then again, it's always good to get a medical opinion and and MRI before considering a knee "blown out."

Either way, Browne hopefully makes a speedy recovery and continues his climb to the top of the heavyweight heap sooner rather than later.

For more on the fight between Travis Browne vs. Antonio Silva click here.

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