MMAmania Fantasy Football Week 4 Recap and Week 5 Preview

Hey everybody, or at least everybody that is still coming here despite the new format. But that's another story, that's been discussed many times, I see that a lot of you are back and which means a lot of good things, one of which is the Fantasy Football Recap Threads are back!!!!

Here is a quick recap of last week's matchups:

ViolentMike - 108.10

GriffinFan - 100.37

In the Battle of Brothers, the big brother wins. However, this matchup was certainly nothing to be proud of. This low scoring affair featured no standout players, other than a few players that fucking sucked. It basically came down to which one of us had less sucky players, not who had better players. For my squad, here are the players that scored less than 4 points - Maclin, Spiller, Ryan Williams, and Kyle Rudolph. Oh, and Ramses Barden had a a whole 5.6. As for GriffinFan, the following players had less than 5 points - Stevie Johnson, McFadden, Michael Bush and Dallas Def.


Deuce - 175.33

Buster Bluth - 163.87

Tony Romo nearly lost this matchup for Deuce but luckily, Whitten was getting all the receptions. Other than Greg Jennings who left the game, Deuce's whole team played very well. Michael Turner, Jason Whitten and San Fran D all put up over 25 points. As for Buster, his team was led by RG3 (20.37), Brandon Marshall (26.8) and Jamaal Charles (22.1). Remember when you were looking to sell Charles low two weeks ago? You must be happy no one bit!


Shivan - 163.47

Ulf - 124.27

The Winless Murphys continue the streak and lose yet again. Steve Smith has yet to find the endzone which has been hurting his fantasy value, and Ulf still believes in Michael Crabtree who put up a whopping 3.5 points this week. WOW, that #1 wideout sure does put up numbers, eh? As for Shiv, Drew Brees put the whole team on his back and led them to victory and put up 35.87 points


Puck Head - 121.27

Detroit Drew - 102.13

Both teams were projected to score between 120-122 points. Puck Head's team did exactly that, Drew's team didn't. The goose egg from Dennis Pitta on Thursday night didn't exactly help his cause either. But Puck Head was not to be outdown in any way, shape, or form so he rocked Brandon LaFell as his flex who put up, yup you guessed it, a goose egg.


BJPennFan - 191.83

Kevin - 148.33

Another tought loss by Kev after another solid performance by his team. This seems to be a theme for poor Kev... Aaron Rodgers finally played like people thought he would when they drafted him and put up 32.93 points. The Jets on Kev's team were disappointing. Their D put up 1 point, and Shonn Green still sucks, as evident by his 3.4 points. As for BJ, his team has been humming along this season (pun intended). Roddy White and Colston each went over 30 points and the Chicago D had a field day against Romo and put up 24.


donkeypunch - 148.0

Joben - 144.93

Matt Ryan (27.3) led team donkey to the victory in this week's closest matchup. As for Joben, Brady put up 35.73 despite a slow first half, 25.9 from Cruuuuuuz, and a surprising 25.5 from McGahee. But it wasn't enough. If I were Joben, I'd blame the loss on Reggie Bush and his limited action due to his nagging injury. Pussy.


Alright, so that is what happened last week. Now its time to see what's happened so far this season. Here are the fucking standings.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
2. ViolentMike 4-0-0 1.000 3-0-0 584.80 486.90 W-4 9 12
3. Shiv 3-1-0 .750 2-1-0 603.90 552.34 W-2 11 9
4. donkeypunch 2-1-1 .625 1-1-1 511.24 505.46 W-1 3 4
6. Deuce02 2-2-0 .500 1-2-0 524.76 526.67 W-2 1 -
10. DetroitDrew1980 1-3-0 .250 1-2-0 472.10 531.61 L-2 5 14
11. Mania's Pete Rose 0-3-1 .125 0-2-1 478.46 573.46 L-2 12 5
Division 2
1. BJPennfan 4-0-0 1.000 3-0-0 590.73 500.37 W-4 7 5
5. Joben 2-2-0 .500 2-1-0 527.20 562.53 L-2 8 6
7. GriffinFan05 2-2-0 .500 2-1-0 519.21 484.13 L-2 4 4
8. Puck Head 2-2-0 .500 1-2-0 502.77 520.79 W-2 2 2
9. Buster Bluth 1-3-0 .250 1-2-0 592.38 557.57 L-1 10 7
12. Ulf Murphy 0-4-0 .000 0-3-0 454.66 560.38 L-4 6 7

Right now, ViolentMike, Shiv, BJ and Buster appear to be the cream of the crop based on Points Scored, but Buster has been unlucky and sports a 1-3 record despite outscoring the undefeated BJ by 2 points on the season. As for the worst teams, well, its the same story every year - Ulf and Kevin, once again. But I'm sure Ulf will have some sort of whack ass statistical analysis he will pull out of his rectum to explain why his team isn't the worst, and Kevin will tell us how awesome his other fantasy teams are doing.

And now onto this weeks matchups. I will put the current projected scores in parenthesis.

ViolentMike (132.37) vs Buster Bluth (133.15)

GriffinFan (139.97) vs DetroitDrew (114.34)

Deuce (111.15) vs Ulf (127.36 + a kicker)

Shivan (126.73) vs BJPennFan (147.97)

Kevin (134.68) vs Joben (125.77)

donkeypunch (133.90) vs Puck Head (103.11)

Interestingly enough, the top 4 point scoring teams are all facing each other this week!

Alright, that's all I got for this week, not smack talk away!

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