Browne vs Bigfoot Predictions + A little Invicta FC 3

9/11 - Struve vs. Miocic card... i like that i like that

2 Cards that are must watches for me. Probably the most stacked FX Card and Invicta with 3 straight very good cards. Just hope the fucking stream doesn't take an hour to work this time + the quality is at least like TV Standard Definition. I think I'm more pumped for this Invicta Card. Love watching bitches (in a good way) fighting other bitches. Kinda wish they let hair pulling, and have the same attire rules as the men, but it's all good. Shannon Knapp you lookin' fine as always,

Picks mixed in UFC and Invicta

Travis Browne vs Antonio Silva

Bigfoot's arguably fought 3 top 5 Heavyweights in his last 3 fights... Better competition, a great ground game. Bigfoot just being better. Browne had a lot of trouble with Kongo and I just don't think he's that good. Kinda reminds me of Tim Sylvia. Bigfoot

Jake Ellenberger vs Jay Hieron

Jake's got a better track record, actually some legit knock out power. Rocked Condit, put Pierson to sleep, which has proven a little cumbersome(Kim and Benoist) and a few others like Kampmann. Don't know shit bout Hieron, but I already don't like his personality. ELLEN by knock out

Jessica Penne vs Naho Sugiyama (Atomweight 105 Title)

Sugiyama is undefeated. The fights I've seen she's got a smothering ground game and decent but not much to worry bout in the stand up. Really she's only the number 1 for being undefeated against Japanese competition. Penne's faced much higher level of competition and beaten better competition. The 105 scene hasn't really been around other than in Japan, but Penne vs Ellis showed me Penne is and will be in the rankings the number 1 atomweigh. PENNE ... 105's are sexy as fuck mhm I'd love eat some Penne Pasta. Yum.

Shayna Baszler vs Sarah D'Alelio

Baszler won that fight against McMan in my opinion. And is probably the 2nd best grappler in the 135 division behind only Haunted House-y. Baszler took Cyborg down, tapped out a lot of good competition. Striking is on par if not better than D'Alelio. If D'Alelio and Porto rematched I'm confident Porto would win. I think Josh Barnett has got a thing for "developing" females. Training Megumi and Shayna. Good shit though, two fighters that finish more than most. QUEEN OF SPADES by submission... and damn Sarah, I know you can not look like dyke if you wanted, fuck.

Kaitlin Young vs Leslie Smith

This is a rematch to there entertaining first bout. The first bout was incredibly close, and I think the draw was the right call, however, I wouldn't have been upset if either won. Personally, I wanted Kaitlin, but I thought Smith did enough to not be fucking choked if she did win. Nonetheless, I'm fucking torn. I love Kaitlin and her style. I think she's got some of the best stand up at 135, but she gets hit the FUCKING FACE too much.

Leslie, who trains with Cesar Gracie, has solid solid boxing. Not much kicking going on, but she flows flurrys of hooks, straights body shots, that really fucked up Kaitlin. She didn't really check leg kicks. If Kaitlin can keep the distance, leg kick, leg kick, circle. She'll have an easy win, but if she can't which is a big possibility with Smith's push the pace, rushing punching style, I think she'll have a tough time. HOWEVER, I still gotta go with my girl KAITLIN YOUNG ... damn that fight with miesha tate was nasty, almost as nasty as what I'd do too that ass. Shit.

John Dodson vs Jussier Formiga

Tough, tough fight to call. Divisional importance-wise this should be the main-event, but whatever. As long as I get to watch it I'm happy. Formiga's grappling is probably better than Dodson's, but that little fucker is QUICK as fuck, and with so much speed and knock out power, I'm fucking impresed by him. I wanted him to stay at 135, but this is good too. I think Dodson's gonna have his hands full, tougher than his last fight for sure, and that fight was pretty close. Iono man, I got this at a coin flip, honestly. But my Dodson's my boy + he got a sick nickname. I ain't never seen a black MAGICIAN. JOHN DODSON by decision

Josh Neer vs Justin Edwards

This should not be on the main card. Edwards should not be on the main card. Fuck the low level ultimate fighter fighters. Fuck them. Now the Bisping vs Mayhem season that was some not shitty talent. I guess they're banking on this being a stand up slugfest/ a fight with a finish, but shit... Edwards vs Stephens should be here. This fight has absolutely zero relevance in the division. Auh, I hate fights like these. The Pierce vs Simpson bout has got more relevance. josh neer is my pick

Barb Honchak vs Aisling Daly

I don't like Daly. I don't like her butchy-ness, her pink hair, her pale ass white skin. It just doesn't sit well with me. She's got good ground game, but Barb Honchak is on another level in my opinion. The 125 pound division doesn't really have anyone that you can say "she's the number 1" but I think Honchak is going to be that chick. Honchak by tko... She's got some natural ground n pound that actually hurts. Not just arm punches that hit but aren't really going to finish the fight.

Honestly though, this entire Invicta FC 3 card I'm looking forward too. Michelle The So Fucking Banging Half Asian Karate Hottie Waterson, Tara LaRosa, Cat Zingano, Stephanie Frausto (Zoila's lil sister), Julia Budd, Eddie Alvarez's wife, Lynn,

Catch this shit please.

Rest of my UFC PICKS

Yves Edwards over Jeremy Stephens - Stephens looks like an asshole/rapist

Michael Johnson over Danny Castillo - hate both these guys, Johnson for beefin' with Bruce Leroy and Castillo for being a cocky, but boring fighter

Dennis Hallman over Thiago Tavares - Thiago is always hit or miss, Ima say miss this time. Hallman controlling decision

Jacob Volkmann over Shane Roller - Christmas been out wrassled everyone at LW so far, coin flip

Diego Nunes over Bart Palaszewski - Nunes is one of the most boring stand up fighters I've seen, but he'll out point Bartimus, praying for a finish by anyone though

Darren Uyenoyama over Phil Harris - I just love this guy, a lot of ignorance in this pick, don't know anything bout Phil Harris, don't like his name keeping making me thing of Palhares. When Uyenoyama pointing to the camera against Kid and kept beating on him after that made me a fan

Carlo Prater over Marcus Levesseur - I hope to God Prater beats Levesseur. You have no idea how happy I was when Mckenzie choked his black ass (zero racism here, just being specific shittt) Just a lot to not like about Marcus. His face. His shitty record, his amazing college record. Even if it is Division lll wrassling. He's been finished in all his losts. Beat basically no one of note, and does not deserve to be in the UFC IMO. Prater tap this motherfucker out PLEASE send him back to where ever the fuck.

Mike Pierce over Aaron Simpson - I feel like if Pierce didn't get taken down against Koscheck and Hendricks he'd be in that top 10 WW talk. Instead he's finished sub-par competition and lost close decisions to high end guys, give this guy some 10-15 level guys, Aaron Simpon is first I guess. I hate guys like Aaron, who try to justify all his decision, CHRIST, you just scared to take a risk. That nickname is awful. Awful. A-train wtf is that shit

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