Give a Warm Mania Welcome To..

Hello Maniacs

Don't let my screen name fool you, I am Rivalution. That's the name I chose when I first entered this fucked up online family, and I'm sticking with it.

Now, I'm sure we all remember our first day on this site (which was probably preceded by months of lurking like a weirdo) so I ask you this: who was it that popped your maniacal little cherry with a warm MMAmania welcome and made you feel like you had found a home? Mine was freenow82, and I was happy to have a solid poster welcome me to this great site we all call home.

Let's use this thread to look back on our earlier days, and make sure to include any hilarious sig bets, rivalries, or funny conversations we've had in the past. I'll share this one with you:

Rashad had just bowed out of his bout with (then)champion Mauricio Shogun Rua, and was being replaced by phenom Jon Bones Jones. Most knowledgeable fans knew that after a long layoff and yet, another knee surgery, the champ might not do so well against the young challenger. But there was one poster who was very adamant about Shogun winning the fight. His name was Danago, and I knew his game. Certain that Jones would win the fight, I offered Dan a sig bet, but upped the odds: 1 full year sig and pic.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we had a new LHW champ. I had won my bet, and was certainly going to use this victory as a chance to burn Dan as much as possible, while also making a name for myself with a wicked sig burn. Here's the sig:

"I told you kids Rua was gonna run through Jones, but no one listened. The hype train has made its last stop, and the "mighty" Jon Jones has fallen. Shogun tore him up with his muay thai, and dominated in every aspect of the fight. He came in fully prepared and got the job done, like I knew he would. Still the greatest p4p of all time. And STILL UFC LHW Champ, Mauricio Shogun Rua."

I added a pic of Shogun down on one knee, just after tapping out as icing. But later allowed Danago to remove the sig after only a month, he has a special place in my heart that none of these new trolls can fill.

Now it's your turn. And if you're a new user, don't be shy, Oily's the only one that bites.

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