So.... It just took me twenty minutes to find the "post your own" fanpost button... Fuck change.

How are all you Maniacs with the big brown balls?! After the absolute lull of action we have finally been treated to a few events back to back to sink our teeth into! I, for one, have had some shocking events in the moneypool - no excuses I'm just turning into a fucking idiot - But there has been some really interesting fights in our Brown Star league! I apologise for not being able to keep everyone updated with the scores but without too much messing around here are all the deets on the last two events and our upcoming fight card:

League table heading into UFC 152:



UFC 152 had some really exciting matchups in our Brown Star League so without too much babbling I'm going to go through these one by one...

WW Kyle Noke(The Scarnon Collective) vs Charlie Brennemen
Kyle Noke Rnd 1 KO 7

Well well well... I cant remember who it was but someone said Charlie was winning this one... And now Kyle handed him his walking papers - lol. Well... say all you like about en early stoppage but my boy Kyle woulda kept pounding on his head had Miragliotta not stepped in. Did people forget that Noke was cutting to welterweight?? Good move by him to FINALLY cut weight for a change and I finally get out of the negatives in the table.

WW Seth Baczynski vs Simeon Thoresen(Team Tap or Snap)
Seth Baczynski Rnd 1 KO -5

Bons - Simeon looked great in that first fight he had in the UFC but I didn't give him much to win against Seth Baczynski. Baczynski showed some great hands here once again and put Bons down into the negatives for his first scoring play... Hey remember when I chose Dustin Pague? Yeah I feel you...

FW Jimy Hettes(The Pride) vs Marcus Brimage
Marcus Brimage UD -5

Ahhhhhhh Andrew..... Jimy came in well touted from yourself, so much so that I even picked him... Well - It was either him or Marcus Brimage with that stupid headset thing he was trying to be kinda cool with. Bad luck on entering the scoring on a negative - beating Caceres and Nam Phan but cant beat Brimage? hmmm...That old styles makes fights thing I guess...

LHW Igor Pokrajac(Formerly Team Toad) vs Vinny Magalhaes

Now, I wanted to pick Vinny... But really Toad had a pretty solid guy in Igor Pokrajac here - Thankfully for him he traded Igor before the event due to a conflict with Vitor Belfort in his team - see here. Expecting Vinny wouldnt win - Jiu Jitsu saves the day!!! Beautiful work by Vinny, and Igor was playing a bit dumb falling right into Vinny's game... But just wow... he rolled him over like a bitch! Vinny was sub of the night in my eyes and it is completely ridiculous to have a SOTN if you're only going to give it to the fight with the bigger hype on it. I'd be butthurt if I were Vinny too... That was really the only reason I still included this - to have a whinge about Jones getting SOTN that is some straight up BULLSHIT!

MW Michael Bisping(Team Joben) vs Brian Stann(Phase by the Books)
Bisping UD
5 -5

Joben picked up my fave guy out there in Michael Bisping in the draft and he was not disappointed. A great back and forth affair which had both fighters on their back foot at times. Bisping looked to have a slow start but in the second round began to really utilise his boxing to set up the takedowns and smashed out a classy UD win. The jab was pinning Stann back and the takedowns were timed nicely. I say classy because, well, Brit's dont wrestle apparently... Phase - sorry dude but Stann looked rather one dimensional against Bis.

LHW Jon Jones(Scotti's Dogs) vs Vitor Belfort(Team Toad)
Jones Sub Rnd 4 7 -1

Now onto the Main Event of the evening.... just one quick thing....



God damn that got me out of my chair yelling at the screen, elated at Vitor's prowess from his back then... well - he couldnt get much going after that... It was the Ultimate Anticlimax... Once again here's Jone's outclassing an opponent, getting them down, smashing their head in with elbows and taking the opportunity to finish when it presents itself. Very smart by Jones and Vitor is a fucking warrior - great fight and congrats on the points Scotti! Max points for finishing a title fight shooting you to the top of the Brown Star with the WiseToad still sitting on the top spot after dropping only 1 point - Now i know why the star is so brown.... To catch up on all of that here is the table after UFC 152:



Bons, Phase and The Pride all enter the table in a negative - Way to start off fellas ;) Meanwhile I got myself out of the gutter and back into positives, while Joben and Scotti shot right up to the top of the league. Toad still sitting pretty at the top of the league - This is due to only losing 1 point for getting finished in a title fight. When I deducted points from the Frankie Edgar fight people screamed at me because someone in the A League didnt lose points. I for one see it confusing how we will deduct 5 points for a normal fight but in a title fight either no points or only 1 point if they are finished... So here's a reminder of the structure we are working with and I'll leave it up to the comments section to decide; What do you think about only losing one point for losing in a title fight? After all a loss is a loss right? Why dont we all choose contenders then and barely lose points?


5 points for a win

5 bonus points for the CHALLENGER beating the CHAMPION in a title fight
2 points for a finish

2 points for a draw

1 point for Fight of the Night (whether your guys wins or loses)
-2 points for a loss

-3 points for getting finished

-1 point for getting finished in a title fight

Contender fight rule SCRAPPED by democratic vote

UFC on Fuel TV 5

And without much of a break we headed straight off to Nottingham England for quite a nice event over the weekend! Sorry I didnt get time to hype this one up guys I'll try keep a little more frequent with these but it takes a lot of time and well, I've just been so flat out I find it really hard to make time in between all the bongs and beers... Rather than bore you all as you all know the winners from the weekend here we go:

MW Tom Watson(Tap or Snap) vs Brad Tavares
Tavares UD

Now - eh gad what a horrid fight. Any fight where Brad Tavares dictates the pace is shocking. That's all im gonna say - haters, feel free to hate. Some say this was FOTN but I dont see it. Bons, one of our most active point scorers takes another hit and ends up even more negative!

LHW Kyle Kingsbury vs Jimi Manuwa(The Pride)
Rnd 2 TKO

To be completely honest with you guys I barely remember this fight... The whole event started at 3am over here and i kept drinking after coming home from a friend's BBQ Saturday afternoon... Needless to say there were black spots in my night and this was one of them... In looking for a GIF of the fight it allllll came back to me:



Manuwa lit up Kingsbu like a Christmas tree!! I recalled someone mentioning the UFC mustn't like Kingsbu heading into this fight and wow they were right... Well done Andrew this should get you out of the bottom of the table!!

LW Paul Sass(Sanabriamen) vs Matt Wiman
Wiman sub rnd 1 -5

Now it wasnt just Sanabriamn who believed Paul Sass would be able to sub Wiman... But Wiman subbing Sass in the first round was just NOT EXPECTED!!! Wow. Handsome went over to Sass' backyard and beat him at his own game. Beautiful work!!! There's something precious about seeing someone with so many submission wins realise he has to tap. It's a real moment in there :D

BW Brad Pickett(Tap or Snap) vs Yves Joubain
Pickett KO rnd 1 7

WOW! This was an absolute cracker! One Punch lives up to his name - I had once wondered if it was ever a good nickname for him as had never seen him KO anyone but.... that uppercut was clean. He seemed to get a little success with it through the round and just kept wading forward through Joubain's strikes to dip and land that uppercut perfectly the last time! Great knockout! If that were to go the three rounds I think Joubain would have outpointed him based on how he was going in that first round. Brad Pickett - Beast! Bons - nice work that brings you up to -1!!!

HW Stefan Struve vs Stipe Miocic(Team Cruz)
Struve KO rnd 2 -5

Now - what a great main event. The first round had both of them rocked for a moment and the action didnt slow as Struve came out firing in the second round! Sticking on the outside more and utilising his range he difinitely got the better of Miocic who just DID NOT WANT TO go out!!! I think it was a great stoppage as Miocic was just out on his feet. What a chin he has... Now just needs to be able to work with a rangy fighter better and we would have had the result we wanted... Let's face it - Struve is generally pretty shit and anyone with that height/reach advantage could win on any given day if they use it to their strengths. How the fuck is that cunt still growing anyway?!

So after another great event and heading into UFC on FX 5 this weekend, the League table is as stands:



The Pride got himself out of the negatives, while Cruz dropped a few spots and Scotti and Toad are still sitting atop the Brown Star. Dlocc.... Where you at motherfucker?!

UFC on FX 5

Well it's not a huge one on this weekend but at least I made it this far to set the scene for the weekend and now everyone can see how the league is developing. Only two fights on the next card applicable to the Brown Star league. They are as follows:

HW Travis Browne(Sanabriamen) vs Antonio Silva

Sanabria has a nail biter this weekend - As much as I think Travis Browne is a great and dynamic heavyweight, he is going up against Antonio Silva.....


...... We all know what he CAN do but will he be able to?

LW Michael Johnson vs Danny Castillo(Scarnon collective)

And finally! One of the best fights on the UFC 151 card is finally here!!! This is going to be an all out war guys - Hats off to the winner because no one is coming out of this one easily!!! I KNOW I had a side bet with someone on this fight just cant be fucked going back to search for it so if you're still man enough - confirm it baby!!!

Well - now that's finally done.... Hows this shitty layout treating everyone?! Oh and... just one more thing:


***Please if you notice anything incorrect with the scoring or team lists please mention so in the comments below. The league tables and team lists are available on my photobucket if you click on one of the links above should take you there. Cheers***

EDIT: OK - I fucked up some of the scoring. So bad that I looked back at the first two events we did, UFC on Fox 4 and UFC 150 and I had fucked up the score for 150 as well. Guys - apologies about this but I now changed up the way I am doing it and tallying the points up so check below. There should be absolutely NO errors with this and it is how it will be presented in the future... Cheers for the patience ;)





Now come on - Fuckin argue with that shit!

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