Georges St. Pierre return aided by UFC event drought

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Georges St. Pierre makes his big return to the Octagon on Sat., Nov. 17, 2012, at UFC 154 to take on Carlos Condit. And he gets the added benefit of a relatively long UFC event drought.

We're still nearly three weeks away from the return of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre, who hasn't seen real live action inside a cage since April 2011 when he defeated Jake Shields at UFC 129.

Under any circumstances, that's something to get excited about.

Now, though, we'll witness the return of one of the pound-for-pound best ever after having taken an extended break from UFC action. Yes, I know. UFC on FUEL TV 6: "Franklin vs. Le" is scheduled for Nov. 10, 2012, one week before UFC 154 hits the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but that's not a major event. It's not something you mark the calendar for and lie in wait while your adrenaline pumps.

"St. Pierre vs. Condit" is exactly that.

This will come a full five weeks after UFC 153: "Silva vs. Bonnar" went down in Brazil. Even that show was marred by a main event few were asking for but plenty paid to see. That speaks to the culture of the UFC, a brand who has built its roster of stars to utilize them in key spots to maximize audience.

But oversaturation has become a real problem, with events seemingly running every week all year long with little to no break in between. Even the most hardcore fan is liable to get burned out under a schedule like that. We're only human, after all, and being entertained should never be a chore.

That's what will make UFC 154 so special. Not only are we getting to see one of the greatest fighters of all time return from injury, we're also getting it after actually having the luxury of taking a break from major mixed martial arts action.

It feels nice, doesn't it? Just think, it's going to feel so much nicer when St. Pierre enters the cage to fight Carlos Condit, a legitimate threat to the 170-pound throne he's lorded over for so long.

Can't wait ... but I'm glad I am.

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