Sean Sherk says MMA is an American sport and the UFC titles belong in the USA

Al Bello

We know who Sean Sherk is rooting for when Frankie Edgar fights Jose Aldo next year in Brazil. In fact, "The Muscle Shark" is likely pulling for Cain Velasquez too, when he fights Junior dos Santos at UFC 155. Find out why right here.

Remember Sean Sherk?

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight titleholder, who hasn't been seen inside the Octagon for over two years, has been keeping an eye on the 155-pound division, where he insists he'll return once he's done battling "nagging injuries."

But he won't be getting a rematch against Frankie Edgar.

That's because "The Answer" recently announced his inclusion in the promotion's 145-pound weight class, where he's already been slated to take on reigning division champion Jose Aldo at UFC 156. According to "The Muscle Shark," that's a fight Edgar can win while bringing the belt back to America.

A place where Sherk tells MMA Torch it belongs:

I think [dropping to featherweight was] a great decision. I think that he's going to give Jose Aldo hell, and I think he's going to beat him. With Frankie's wrestling and his mobility, I think he's going to give Aldo all he can handle. I'd like to keep all the belts here in the States. Right now we've got have the UFC belts in Brazil, the other half are here in the United States. I want them all to be here. This is an American sport, man, let's keep them here. No disrespect towards the Brazilians at all; I want to see Americans hold the title belts, just like they want to see the Brazilians hold title belts.

Okay, ready? Altogether now ... USA! USA! USA!

Aside from Aldo, Junior dos Santos holds the heavyweight title and Renan Barao is the bantamweight's Interim placeholder while Anderson Silva rules the roost at 185 pounds. Both Cain Velasquez (UFC 155) and Edgar (UFC 156) have the opportunity to help fulfill Sherk's master plan, but it could be awhile before anyone takes out "The Spider."

Until then, Brazil holds a 50-percent stake in UFC championships.

U mad?

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