MMAmania FFB Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Preview

The FFB regular season halfway point is already behind us. That means that everyone should have a pretty good idea as to how good their team is. This season, no one team has broken away from the pack. It looks like we have several teams competing for that top spot - VM, Kevin, Shiv, Buster, BJ and GriffinFan. That's half the league!!!!

Here is a quick look at the scores from last week:

ViolentMike - 115.33

Donkeypunch - 107.40

This was a very important Division 1 matchup here between the top two teams, record wise. VM was able to overcome a goose egg from Rudolph with a 30+ point performance from Randall Cobb and was able to hold off Team Donkey who needed Matt Forte to score more than 19 points on Monday. He didn't.


GriffinFan - 143.83

Puck Head - 129.07

GriffinFan gets a much needed win despite Ponder's measly two points. As for Puck, Vernon Davis was shutout and he played without a kicker this week. If he picked up either NIck Folk or Josh Scobee, he would have won.


Shivan - 131.17

Deuce - 92.07

Looks like Deuce didn't get a chance to set his lineup this week, again. Gerhart, MJD and Jennings combined for a .10. Yes, that is correct, 1/10th of a point. As for Shiv, Brees had a huge game with 33 points.


Buster Bluth - 133.50

Ulf - 120.20

Ulf nearly got a win here, but like usual, he didn't. As for Buster's team, it played to its yahoo projections and he came way with the win, just like yahoo predicted.


Kevin - 161.70

DetroitDrew - 108.97

Kev's team has been looking scary lately, but personally, I don't think Shonn Green will keep this production up. As for Drew's team, after the draft I told him his team sucks, and each and every week thereafter I have repeated myself. Drew, you team fucking sucks.


Joben - 106.93

BJPennFan - 106

A big win for Joben here as he slides into the top spot in Division 2 despite not being one of the top scoring teams on the season. And on the flip side, this is a tough loss for Beej. His record is much worse than his season point total would indicate.


And now, lets take a peak at our current standings

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
1. ViolentMike 5-2-0 .714 4-1-0 992.19 931.90 W-1 11 19
3. Shiv 5-2-0 .714 3-2-0 990.00 918.81 W-1 12 15
4. donkeypunch 4-2-1 .643 2-2-1 832.94 790.49 L-1 7 13
8. Mania's Pete Rose 3-3-1 .500 2-2-1 967.96 977.59 W-3 3 7
10. DetroitDrew1980 2-5-0 .286 2-3-0 837.67 949.61 L-1 9 23
12. Deuce02 2-5-0 .286 1-4-0 775.83 885.37 L-3 2 1
Division 2
2. Joben 4-3-0 .571 4-1-0 891.03 899.19 W-2 6 13
5. Buster Bluth 4-3-0 .571 3-2-0 1002.98 904.63 W-3 8 11
6. BJPennfan 4-3-0 .571 3-2-0 990.46 918.93 L-3 1 8
7. GriffinFan05 4-3-0 .571 3-2-0 931.47 889.00 W-1 4 9
9. Ulf Murphy 2-5-0 .286 1-4-0 841.39 897.28 L-1 10 12
11. Puck Head 2-5-0 .286 1-4-0 818.87 909.99 L-3 5 7

And now, a look ahead to this weeks matchups, which begin tonight with the Vikings playing the Bucs

ViolentMike (114.37) vs Deuce (100.02)

This is a rough week for my team since my top two draft picks (Rice and AJ Green) along with CJ Spiller are all on bye. Here's to hoping Deuce doesn't set his lineup, yet again!

GriffinFan (127.96) vs Buster Bluth (139.10)

Big projections from Buster this week, let's see if they hold true

Shivan (130.63) vs Kev (116.44)

Looks like Kev still needs to set his lineup, and this matchup will be projecting to be very close

Ulf (129.84) vs Joben (128.10)

These projections will change drastically after Ulf's newest trade gets approved

DetroitDrew (133.87) vs donkeypunch (122.72)

Who will win the battle between the two gay ass bloody elbownians?

BJpennFan () vs Puck Head ()

Neither of these two have set their lineups yet...

That's a wrap. Sorry for it being so short, but only like 2 of you still read this. Anyways.... talk shit!!!!!!!!

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