The Walking Dead: Episode 2 recap and discussion


Photo by Gene Page/TWD Productions via

Welcome to The Walking Thread, where mixed martial arts (MMA) fans gather to discuss UFC fans mindless zombies. Here's what happened on season three, episode two:

--Rick and the gang find prisoners holed up for "292 days" which gives us some idea of when the outbreak happened, as well as how long everyone has been on the run. Too bad those fools had to be cut down.

--Our favorite Sheriff has "no malice in his heart" but definitely the mean streak he was missing in season two. He let that thug get eaten by zombies on the roof. That's cold, man.

--Herschel was alive, then dead, then alive! Personally, I prefer him dead. Probably why I'd make a terrible boyfriend for Maggie, who got her big weepy "I love you daddy" monologue this week.

--Carl is proving to be useful, kind of like a Glenn-in-training. T-Dog is still proving to be nothing more than, uh, no way to put this tactfully, so I'll just move along.

--Carol showing us a Walker's grimy snatch. That's probably the most awful thing I've seen the entire season. Imagine what a dead cooter must smell like? Shudder.

--Really happy with the amount of action in just two episodes. More carnage so far then all of last season, minus the finale. I really hope it stays this way.

That's a wrap from me, but as always, I want to hear your honest feedback from last night's show.

Highs? Lows?

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