UFC Featherweights - Who Should Fight Who?

Just felt like doing a Featherweight addition of "Who Should Fight Who". Alright,here are some of the fights that I would like to see happen.

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar - Reason: This fight was already booked but because of an Aldo injury,it was postponed. This fight is going to happen and I am very excited to see it.

Mendes vs Swanson - Reason: Now I know that Mendes is fighting Dias in December,but I think he will beat him. Swanson is on a very impressive winning streak,but a number 1 contender fight against Mendes will be his toughest fight in a while. I would love to see this fight and the winner would fight for the title.

Nunes vs Sung Jung "Korean Kombie" - Reason: Diego Nunes is a very exciting fighter and so is Sung Jung. Jung is on a nice streak right now and wants a title shot but I do not think he will get it until he beats another top guy,Nunes is a top guy. I would love to see this fight and I hope it gets booked.

Brandao vs Yahya - Reason: Brandao is an exciting striker with good JJ. Yahya is a very good grappler. Brandao could have a problem dealing with Yahya's ground game if he gases like he did against Darren Elkins. I would like to see this fight,I think it makes sense.

Lentz vs Phan - Reason: Lentz is a very good fighers especially at FW. Phan is very inconsistent and I think Lentz would steamroll him. I would like to see this fight.

Palaszewski vs Holloway - Reason: I think Holloway is obviously on the rise and Palaszewski is on the decline but this could be a fight where Palaszewski changes that. I don't think Holloway would be taking Bart down,so it would allow him to do what he does best and thats strike. I would love to see this fight.

Lawrence vs Sicilia - Reason: They are both coming off loses,they both like to strike. Book it. I would love to watch this fight.

Miller vs Brown - Reason: Brown is out of retirement and Miller is sucking ass. I think this would be a nice win for Brown and I think it might happen.

The Loser of Koch/Lamas vs The Winner of Poirier/Brookins - Reason: Poirier was close to a title shot when he lost to The Korean Zombie,so a win over Brookins should put him back on track. A fight against the loser of Koch/Lamas makes a lot of sense and I think it would be a good fight.

Jason vs Blanco - Reason: Blanco was very exciting and viscous when he fought in Japan. Jason is an up and comer from TUF Brazil. I think this would be a great fight and maybe Blanco's last in the UFC. I want to see Blanco KO Jason.

Hettes vs Roop - Reason: Hettes lost his last fight,but a dominating win over Roop would put him back into the spotlight. I think this fight could happen and I would like to see it,I think Hettes would destroy Roop.

Bermudez vs Oliveira - Reason: Bermudez is a very good wrestler who has looked great ever since the Ultimate Fighter Finale where he lost to Brandao. Oliveira is a submission wizard who hasn't been very consistent,I would like to see him against a wreslter like Bermudez. I think this fight would be awesome.

Hioki vs Brimage - Reason: Perhaps this could take place in Japan. lol It would be interesting to see if Brimage can beat another great grappler.This would be a close fight but if it is in Japan maybe Hioki could win by Submission. Either way,I think this fight will happen and I would like to see it.

Guida vs The Winner of Siler/Elkins - Reason: It will be Guida's first fight at 45 in the UFC and some think he should jump right into the upper class of the division,so a fight against either Siler or Elkins would be that. Siler has looked a lot better than he did on TUF and Elkins shocked a lot of people when he beat Brandao. This would be a good fight,and a nice way to gauge how Guida will do in the division.

So those are some of the fights I want to see happen,let me know what you think and please post some of the fights that you would like to see.

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