Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 episode 6 results recap: One Mission

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 16 came strong with an mercurial sixth episode on FX

Team Nelson gets the control back by way of a Colton Smith decision win. Roy Nelson's coaching strategy and the MMA judging continues to be under scrutiny. All that and more in the sixth episode of TUF 16: 'Carwin vs. Nelson.'

Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) FX reality television program, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16, saw Team Carwin trying to keep hold of the control in the sixth episode, after defeating Team Nelson twice, consecutively.

And it wasn't just the in-the-cage victories for Shane Carwin and his team that were beginning to raise eyebrows. There appeared to a be an ever-growing gap between the two coaching staffs, as well as the morale for each respective team.

Last night's episode brought proof that there really is something to old adage: "Winning is the best deodorant."

It's true. Winning makes the food taste better. It makes the workouts easier. It makes the locker room a more relaxed place to be.

The change of odor comes just in time for Roy Nelson's band of brothers, after losing two fights in a row and starting to develop a very negative environment as a team, in general.

In "One Mission," relative mixed martial arts (MMA) newcomer and military veteran Colton Smith took on journeyman fighter Eddy Ellis in a very intriguing stylistic match up.

Both fighters were open about their game plans. Ellis wanted to stand and trade. If he got taken down, he would work hard, get right back up, frustrate Smith (as he claimed to do with other wrestlers in the past) and work to a finish.

Smith made no secret about the fact that he wanted to take the fight to the canvas, early and often, and he intended to make it a bloody affair when he took things down to his world.

To a degree, both fighters were successful and did just what they said they would do. However, it was Smith who executed his game plan slightly better, particularly in the second round, which the judges ruled to be a 10-8 round in his favor.

Smith emerged victorious and Team Nelson takes back the control, but the win and the episode were not devoid of controversy.

With each passing week, Roy Nelson's fighters seem to trust him and his philosophy on coaching and training less and less. It certainly just could be how the video is being edited, but at this point, Carwin seems to have a much better rapport with his guys than does Nelson.

Only time will tell if that ends up playing a factor in the ultimate end result.

The fight also spotlighted yet another judges decision that has come under fire, particularly by UFC President Dana White, who has not been thrilled with the judges' consistency in the way they have scored the bouts, thus far.

Tune in next week to see who has the control, who is being blasted by Dana White, and who is getting a fart cupped and tossed into their face. (Yep. That happened.)

If you missed the episode, and you'd like to get a feel for how everything went down, check out our live blog of TUF 16 episode six here.

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