I want my Mania back

That's right. MY Mania.

It's yours as well. It's all of ours.

Mania has always been, first and foremost, a great MMA blog. Long before i delved into the threads, I came here for the latest MMA news.

But that isn't why I stayed. I stayed because of the community. You guys made this place. I knew that Ulf was a crotchety old man, long before I ever spoke to him personally. I knew that if Jay was in a bad mood, somebody was going to get their ass handed to them. I knew that OJR likes a thick, taut booty. I hung around long enough to befriend many of you. I've seen format changes, bannings, trolls, indignation and a level of faggotry that has never been rivaled anywhere. I don't know if faggotry is a word. But i'm on a roll, so fuckin' deal with it.

So, I have pulled back recently. I've been reduced to lurker status. Like many of the regular posters here, I've grown tired of the new breed of trolls. I don't love the new format....but I'm old and hate everything new.

So here's my bottom line. Fuck this.

Fuck relinquishing the site to assholes. Fuck walking away. Fuck leaving because of a format change. I refuse to deny myself the pleasure of my favorite site. I plan on being here a long time.

So here's the deal. Let's get off our asses and make this place ours again. We are The Sons Of Mania and Mania is our Charming. If you don't get that reference, then we have little to discuss anyway.

Pitch in. Lets have relevant conversation, Or better yet, let's go back to irrelevant conversation and have some fun. I have faith in you guys. If I have to go to BE to talk to you fags, then all is lost.

My fuckin Mania, bitches.

And here is a random booty pic for OJR

Why? Because that's what Maniacs do and he's El Fuckin Presidente.

THAT'S why. Perfect-ass_medium


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