Spoiler Alert: Carlos Condit looking to prevent ‘superfight’ between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

He's done it before and he plans on doing it again. Carlos Condit plans to spoil Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva 'superfight' much like he did with Nick Diaz and "Rush."

It's been a while.

Actually, come Nov. 17, 2012, it will have been nine months since Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit will have seen any action inside the Octagon.

"The Natural Born Killer" made the decision, which was unpopular to the masses, to keep the title on ice and wait for current 170-pound champion, Georges St. Pierre, to heal up from his nagging injuries in order to keep his title unification fight in place, which will go down at UFC 154 this November.

Condit earned the chance to face the best welterweight on the planet by besting Nick Diaz at UFC 143 this past February, securing his shot and the interim title, by sending the Bad Boy from Stockton into temporary retirement and spoiling a much anticipated bout between Diaz and St. Pierre.

Though Condit is lined up to face "GSP" next, that hasn't stopped people from looking forward to a ‘superfight' between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and St. Pierre. No worries, Condit says he will simply play the role of spoiler one more time.

Appearing on a recent episode of "The MMA Hour," Condit talked about his upcoming title fight against "Rush" and addressed the issue of people asking for a "Spider" fight before his bout against the French-Canadian even takes place:

"It doesn't bug me, if anything it motivates me. The fact that I'm being looked past; it puts a fire under my ass. I love being the spoiler. I spoiled Nick Diaz vs. George St. Pierre and now I get to play that role again. The hype for a superfight between Georges and Anderson has been going on for a long time. The fight between me and Georges, there is not as much hype on it, but, I think we're going to have a hell of a fight. People are going to be wondering why they weren't excited about it after the fight."

Though Condit has been out of action for nine months, his opponent, St. Pierre, has been sidelined for nearly a year and a half. That doesn't mean Carlos is preparing for a rusty opponent. In fact, he believes he will be facing the best St. Pierre people have seen:

"People thinking he isn't going to be the best Georges we've seen is a mistake. If I think I am going to have an easy time with him because he is coming off injury is a mistake. That will be really detrimental to me. I'm preparing for Georges St. Pierre, the man, the myth, the legend and nothing less."

How about it Maniacs, can "The Natural Born Killer" dash everyones hopes and dreams of seeing a fight between St. Pierre and Silva on his way to claiming the UFC's welterweight title?

Or will a very rested "Rush" return to top form after such a long absence and keep his status as the top dog at 170 pounds and secure his potential 'superfight' with "The Spider" in the process?

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