UFC Welterweights - Who Should Fight Who?

UFC 154 is coming up,and there are two huge WW fights on that card. Gsp vs Condit for the WW title and Hendricks vs Kampmann for the number 1 contender spot. So I figured it was time to do another "Who Should Fight Who",this time The Welterweights.

Alright,here are some of the fights that I would like to see happen.

The Winner of Gsp/Condit vs The Winner of Hendricks/Kampmann - Reason: Its gonna be the next title fight,and it will be a good one.

Fitch vs Ellenberger - Reason: Fitch just put on a great fight and dominated the very talented Erick Silva. He has proved that he is back and ready for another title run. Ellenberger is coming off of a lackluster win and needs to be pushed into the flames. Fitch will make Ellenberger either fight or crumble. This fight will probably happen,and I can not wait.

The Loser of Gsp/Condit vs The Loser of Hendricks/Kampmann - Reason: Makes sense,who ever loses the Title fight and the number 1 contender fight will still be 2 of the top WWs in the world. No matter who is in this Loser vs Loser fight,it will be an exciting match up.

The Winner of Penn/MacDonald vs Maia - Reason: Maia looks like he has found his new home at 170. His Submission skills are even faster and more devastating than before. Penn and MacDonald are both great fighters and will definitely by a step up in competition for Maia. Would be a great fight,I hope it happens.

Diaz vs Koscheck - Reason: Diaz will be able to fight again very soon and Kos is coming off an injury. They will both be coming back around the same time. They both want to stay relevant in the division(Title wise),so a win over the other guy will certainly help that.

Pierce vs Mills - Reason: Pierce just knocked out Aaron Simpson and it was very impressive. Mills won his last fight but it was due to an injury,he still looked good up to that point. I think this fight would be a good one,I hope it gets booked.

Silva vs Hieron - Reason: Silva just lost to Fitch in Brazil and needs to get back to winning,who better than Hieron. Hieron who just lost in a snoozer and has never won in the UFC,will probably not get any easy fight. I have a feeling that this fight will be booked. I always look forward to an Erick Silva fight.

Story vs Nelson - Reason: Story just got beat badly by Maia and Nelson just got a very impressive submission win. I think this fight will happen and I can't wait. I want to see Story get choked again.

Alves vs Bahadurzada - Reason: These guys are feuding and I want to see this fight. I think and hope it gets booked. Total BANGFEST!

Simpson vs Hathaway - Reason: Another boring fight some people will say,but I think it will be very action packed. I think this fight will happen. Simpson just lost and Hathaway is on a nice winning streak. I like Simpson but there isn't any easy fights in the top 25 so unless they give him someone like Neer or Hardy I think this will be his next fight.

Hardy vs Neer - Reason: Total BANGFEST,this could not be a boring fight. I want to see it,I hope the UFC wants to see it. Even though Neer has lost back to back fights,I still think he is a very good and exciting fighter. Hardy is on a winning streak for the first time in a very long time and a fight with Neer should bring out the brawler in him.

Edwards vs Riddle - Reason: Edwards just shocked a lot of people(ME) with his submission win over Neer. Riddle is a very wild guy who always puts on a fun fight. This would be a possible Fight of the night,and I would like to see it.

So those are some fights I want,let me know what you think and post some of the fights that you want to see.

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