The Walking Dead Season 3 premiere recap and discussion


Photo by Gene Page via See the full gallery here.

With the world growing increasingly more dangerous and Lori’s pregnancy advancing, Rick discovers a potentially safe haven. But first he must secure the premises, pushing his group to its limit.

The Walking Dead season three premiere (episode 3:01) is officially in the books, which means our small band of survivors has found (and entered) the prison teased in last season's finale.

Some quick thoughts:

  • They could have given me anything last night and I would have been happy. After spending season two on the farm, I was ready for a change of scenery. Overall, I think it was a great start, but it seemed kind of dumb that it took them all winter to find the prison -- yet could map out the entire region and location of moving zombie hordes.
  • Zombie special effects FTW.
  • Herschel getting his leg hacked off to prevent the spread of infection was gory, disturbing and 100-percent awesome. That's what you get for having that stupid farm, gramps.
  • Anyone else get the sense the writers are trying to compensate for Lori's character? Everyone hates her -- and rightly so -- but it seemed like a dramatic turn from her normal, bitchy self. Maybe it's pregnancy hormones. Same goes for Carl, nice to see him man up and stop being Sam from Diff'rent Strokes.
  • Having said that, I'd love to see a stillborn zombie baby bust out of Lori's fake belly like The Unborn -- but would settle for a lizard tongue like V.
  • Michonne and Andrea? Girl power? Meh... Maggie, on the other hand, is all kinds of hot. Please don't get eaten (unless it's by Glenn har har).

That's it from me, fellow walkers. What did you think of last night's premiere?

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