Tito Ortiz: ‘Junior dos Santos vs. Jon Jones makes sense, Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva doesn’t’

Photo by Esther Lin for MMAfighting.com

Putting his matchmaker hat on, Tito Ortiz gives his reasons why a Junior dos Santos vs. Jon Jones 'super fight' makes all the sense in the world while others like Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva simply do not need to happen.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion and recent retiree, Tito Ortiz, chimes in on the ever-popular subject of ‘super fights' that mixed martial arts (MMA) fans worldwide are clamoring to see. Among them is a fight that hasn't necessarily been mentioned or garnered much buzz in any sense, really:

Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos taking on light heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones.

A potential clash between the two elite fighters doesn't sound quite as appealing as say Jones facing off against middleweight kingpin, Anderson Silva.

But, we all know that will never happen.

Perhaps when "Bones" clears out the rest of the 205-pound division (which he is close to accomplishing) the 25-year old will have no other option but to go up in weight and face bigger (literally) challenges. Should dos Santos still be sitting pretty atop the heavyweight throne, Ortiz tells Fighters Only a fight between the two champions makes sense:

"A super-fight between Jon and Junior makes sense, and that could possibly happen. But then, you're talking about a champion who won't even take a fight at two weeks notice, so it's impossible to know what he's thinking about. It's hard to know what another fighter is thinking, you know, cuz we're all completely different animals. I can't even count how many times I've fought a guy who I wasn't scheduled to fight, when someone has come in just two weeks."

If it sounds like "The People's Champ" is taking a shot at Jones, he might very well be. After all, there has been some betrayal from the side of the young champion recently, according to Tito.

The dream match-up that seems to be the most desired at the moment is one involving the promotion's 185-pound champion, Silva, facing off against welterweight kingpin, Georges St. Pierre. "The Spider" wants it and "Rush" isn't necessarily opposed to it, however, sharing the sentiments of famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach, Tito believes the fight is one 'GSP' simply does not need because of the huge weight and height difference:

"I hope Georges doesn't suffer the same problems I did, I really hope he comes back and picks up where he left off as he's an awesome guy. Although, I hear there's a fight with Anderson Silva in the works too, which is a bad mistake on Georges' part. Anderson is way too big for him... What's Georges, like five-ten and 185 pounds? And he's fighting a guy that's coming down from 217 pounds and six-three - come on! He doesn't need that fight, that's for sure."

In the end, according to Ortiz, a potential collision between Jones and dos Santos may seem like the only logical and 'fair' fight that actually has a chance of becoming a reality down the line.

That is, of course, if "Cigano" and "Bones" haven't buddied up to each other by then and refuse to fight each other.

What do you think? Does a fight between those two current champions makes sense to you? Are you even remotely interested in seeing it?

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