Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 episode 5 results recap: Unleash the Beast

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 16 brought the pain with an intense fifth episode on FX.

Team Carwin has the control back and looks to effectively wield the sword. Team Nelson is getting fed up with their coach and his 'unorthodox' methods. And after losing his last fight to Bristol Marunde, Julian Lane takes out his frustration on the rest of the house. As the TUF world turns, the drama continues to unfold.

When we last left the cast and crew of Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) reality TV program, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), which is currently in the midst of its sixteenth season, Julian Lane was unable to walk the walk, losing a tough fight to Bristol Marunde of Team Carwin.

It was a fight that was anything but cerebral, which its fitting, due to the fact that the bout was put together by drawing straws and random chance.

In episode five, we pick up inside the TUF house and are witnesses to Julian, suffering under the weight of his pivotal loss.

Being the sensitive sort of guy that he is, Matt Secor tried to lighten the mood by cupping a fart and tossing it directly into Julian's face. It was a move that seemed to catch Lane off guard, and after a few seconds, the embarrassment and the beer-buzz inspired Julian to get in Secor's face and let him know that he was "willing to go home."

Cooler heads prevailed, and Julian opted to avoid violence, which means we will get to see him and his pink mohawk for at least one more episode.

Don't even try to hide your excitement.

Coach Roy Nelson has begun to wear on some of the fighters in his ilk, due to his lack of strategy and the way he chooses to train. There's a lot of season left, and winning is the best deodorant, but right now, "Big Country" is failing to impress his fighters, and his boss, UFC President Dana White, isn't too thrilled with his performance either.

With the control back in their corner, Team Carwin opted to set up a match up between their own Igor Araujo and Nic Herron-Webb of Team Nelson.

On paper, it didn't look like much of a good match up for the Alaskan Herron-Webb, who has managed to piss off as many (if not more) fighters in the house as Julian with his antics.

In the first round of the fight, the technical disadvantage looked obvious, as Araujo was able to bully Nic, and he even was given the 10-8 nod by two of the judges.

After surviving round one, Nic certainly had a major mountain to climb in the second round, but he did his very best, and, truthfully, he earned my respect by coming out and fighting his ass off.

In the end, two of the three judges ruled that the first round was too much of a blunder for Herron-Webb to overcome, and they awarded the decision victory to Araujo.

What will happen next? Whose bed will end up outside? Will Julian's prepubescent rage finally boil over into a conflict that will result in his being excommunicated from the TUF house?

Tune in next week to find out.

In the meantime, if you missed the episode and would like to go back and check out the live blog by our very own Geno Mrosko, click here.

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