MMAmania FFB Week 5 Recap and Week 6 Preview: The Fast and Sloppy

This is going to be fast and sloppy because it's fight week and a bunch of idiots are going to post stupid fucking fan posts that no one cares about and it will bump decent ones off the shitty front page that doesn't hold enough fucking fan posts anymore.

So we got 5 weeks down, 8 more to go in the regular season.

Here is a look at last week's scores:

Buster Bluth - 134.23

ViolentMike - 122.23

Buster hands me my first loss of the season. CJ Spiller (VM) couldn't get going against the niners and Brandon Marshall (BB) went off.

GriffanFan - 162.20

DetroitDrew - 142.53

Bradshaw and Harvin had monster games for GF, and Chris Johnson (DD) continues to suck dick.

Ulf Murphy - 115.73

Deuce - 70.0

Really? Ulf got a win? Something funky must have been going on here. Oh, I see, lazy Deuce forgot to set his lineup and had starters on bye. Because of this, Murph, I still consider you WINLESS you fucking loser!!!!!!!!!

Shivan - 160.83

BJPennFan - 160.33

The only other unbeaten team suffered its first loss as well in this nail biter, which came down to Arian Foster on Monday night. If he gained just 6 more yards, BJ would have won.

Kevin - 124.43

Joben - 123.63

In another very close matchup that all came down to Monday night, Kevin hung onto his lead despite Shonn Green's measly 5.5 points, because Andre Johnson laid a turd on the field that hatched into 2.5 points.

donkeypunch - 102.50

Puck Head - 82.50

Both your teams sucked this week.

And now, a look at the current standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
2. ViolentMike 4-1-0 .800 3-0-0 707.13 621.13 L-1 8 15
3. Shiv 4-1-0 .800 2-1-0
764.73 712.67 W-3 12 11
4. donkeypunch 3-1-1 .700 1-1-1
613.74 587.96 W-2 10 8
8. Deuce02 2-3-0 .400 1-2-0 594.76 642.40 L-1 1 -
10. Mania's Pete Rose 1-3-1 .300 0-2-1 602.89 697.09 W-1 7 5
11. DetroitDrew1980 1-4-0 .200 1-2-0 614.63 693.81 L-3 4 17
Division 2
1. BJPennfan 4-1-0 .800 3-0-0 751.06 661.20 L-1 11 7
5. GriffinFan05 3-2-0 .600 2-1-0 681.41 626.66 W-1 3 5
6. Buster Bluth 2-3-0 .400 1-2-0 726.61 679.90 W-1 9 9
7. Joben 2-3-0 .400 2-1-0 650.83 686.96 L-3 6 6
9. Puck Head 2-3-0 .400 1-2-0 585.27 623.29 L-1 2 2
12. Ulf Murphy 1-4-0 .200 0-3-0 570.39 630.38 W-1 5 8

How about a sneak peak at this week's upcoming matchups? Projected points in parenthesis

ViolentMike (124.90) vs Kevin (125.79)

We have a $25 bet on this matchup.

GriffinFan (136.14) vs Joben (130.13)

Solid projections for this Division 2 matchup

Deuce (88.79) vs donkeypunch (126.57)

Deuce still hasn't set his lineup. Looks like donkey lucked out with a 102 point victory, and now will be handed another win.

Buster Blush (129.80) vs Puck Head (76.32)

Puck has 4 players on bye in his starting lineup, so don't believe that projection

Shivan (113.10) vs DetroitDrew (118.62)

Damn Drew, you are still starting Chris Johnson? You really don't have a better option on your bench? YIKES!

Ulf Murphy (98.17) vs BJPennFan (138.26)

Ulf still has to set his lineup, but BJ's team is looking good again this week with the highest projection in the league.

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