Why I like Stephan Bonnar versus Anderson Silva


Imagine this, the Ultimate Fighting Championship rid itself of perceived rankings, contenders and championships and based who was the best by what every other sport did to solidify a number one, wins.

Would you want to see Jon Fitch even more than you have been subjected too?

The sport of fighting is unlike any other major sport and doesn't bide by the rules of wins and losses. It takes in marketability, showmanship and wins do matter but, not as much. Jon Fitch, was 21-1 prior to his Johnny Hendricks knockout loss at UFC 140. Can you say as easily as I can how many big time matches he was in? His lone (yes, lone) title shot against Georges St.Pierre at UFC 87 and his draw with BJ Penn at UFC 127.

Jon Fitch is really good but just doesn't bring what most fight fans who pay for the tickets, shirts, DVDs and merchandise want, blood.

This Saturday (Oct.13) two of the most important pieces in the growth of mixed martial arts (MMA) collide as one half of 'The most important fight in UFC history' takes on the greatest champion in UFC history, Anderson Silva. Like it or not the UFC brass have given Bonnar his one HUGE fight, Brazil a pay per view, Brazil gets Anderson Silva and either a legacy will have one huge name on it or Anderson Silva collects the two men who spurred the UFC's growth in 2005 under his legacy.

Wasn't that better than the commercial?

Bonnar as you nerds probably know already is 14-7 and 8-6 in the UFC with wins over Keith Jardine, Krzysztof Soszynski, Igor Pokrajac and Kyle Kingsbury. He is currently on a three fight win streak and it all appeared after failing to secure bouts with Quinton Jackson, Forrest Griffin and a 'TUF' gig that he was retired.

Unless you had enough Twitter followers.

I always thought that after Bonnar posted his third win over decent competition that he should get a big fight since he had poured so much into the UFC and was a name. When Bonnar and Griffin collided at 'The Ultimate Fighter Finale 1' way back on April 9th, 2005 the decision which elevated Griffin could have easily went to Bonnar in a lot of fans eyes it appears on the forums in MMAmania.

We all know it didn't and Forrest Griffin rode that momentum ver peaks and valleys to a UFC light heavyweight championship but Bonnar remained relevant.

The thing about Bonnar that makes him such a threat is that he is a huge light heavyweight, has good boxing, tough as nails and really solid jiujitsu under a true Gracie, Carlson Gracie. He isn't a 'can' but rather someone much like Michael Bisping that has hit road blocks when it came to huge opportunities

This Saturday it could all change when once again Bonnar gets to step up against what could easily be the greatest fighter of all time, Anderson Silva. The twist is the bout is on Bonnar's terms of light heavyweight.

We all saw what Anderson Silva did to James Irvin and Forrest Griffin but regardless of the losses to Griffin, I could easily argue that Bonnar is a stronger fighter mentally. Bonnar doesn't care about what a win could do in terms of his rank/title shot. Bonnar has a child on the way and it's not expected to be born until later this month and we all have heard the jokes of 'dad strength' maybe he's got that now (?).

I am not getting behind the notion that this fight ends with Bonnar's hand raised but I don't see Anderson Silva highlight reel knocking out him either. If I see Silva destroy Bonnar much like he has with Irvin and Griffin then I will put my stamp on who's the greatest mixed martial artist I've seen.

I grew up on the underdog stories, the emotional ones where a guy finally got his shot to be someone 'great'. I also grew up a wrestling fan (go on, hate) so these kind of stories allure me and make me want to see something crazy that it feels like the Earth's axis will tilt.

I love this fight and I don't care how much you hate it, it'll be a dandy. Grab your party favors because sure UFC 153 won't be the melting pot of future contenders coming out of the main and co-main events but they both will be damn good fights and isn't that why you got hooked? Good fights?

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