I get it now


This thread got way out of hand pretty quick, with several cats going over to BE and stirring shit up. Here’s the bottom line: Some Mania guys don’t like BE, some BE guys don’t like Mania. Whether it’s the moderators, the writing or the overall experience, some people lean one way, while others go another way. And then there is Jesse, who goes both ways. Anyway, maybe it’s because we are both under the same corporate roof, I’m not sure, but for whatever reason it’s become commonplace to rag on either site, incite the faithful and stand up for their respective sites. It’s kind of cool if you think about it, cross-town rivals, but its really not upon deeper inspection. It causes major problems behind the scenes. Managing these enormous communities is a major task on its own. Putting spotters in the watch tower around the clock is an unnecessary exercise that gets old real quick. So, yeah, there is a global IP ban, which can get you banned from SB Nation altogether, including Mania and the other 200 sites on the network. Lots of people have the power to break that glass and just make you go away because I/we/they have more important shit to do like keep content flowing, etc. Long story short: Be smart, have fun. But, if you have an issue with the way a site is run or operated take it up with that site or voice your concerns over there. There are tons of “Mania sucks ass” threads at BE that have been outright deleted out of respect. I am keeping this one up with the hopes that it is read and understood. Thanks, Maniacs. Any issues email me at t o m @ m m a m a n i a . c o m.

I'm an MMA fan. And occasionally I like to converse with other MMA fans, whatever their viewpoints, level of vocabulary, culture, etc... But generally I’m more interested in reading articles/ comments then taking part.

I also enjoy a bit of back and forth humour, sometimes childish, sometimes pretty damn "laugh out loud" hilarious.

I truly haven’t given two shits about the debates between BE and Mania, but since I’ve started paying closer attention to the comments at Bloody Elbow. It’s really hard not to get yourself drawn in...

And I get it now.

It started for me when I read an article on BE celebrating the talents of a BE writer. It came across just a tad pretentious to me, but I thought whatever... these guys are probably long term buddies, and sometimes with people you really respect, you blow a bit of smoke up their ass... but I’m sure he’s a good writer... good for him.

I checked out the first comment, and it was from another popular editor, a managing Editor of BE.

He felt it was necessary as first comment to state, that since the write-up was about his buddy, he didn’t want "his" community to say anything other than positive remarks, otherwise they would be kicked from the site.

As you do, I smiled whilst scratching my head at this comment...

Why would this Editor, who didn’t write the article, and wasn’t the topic of discussion, feel the need to tell his community to blow smoke up his buddies ass, or face the consequences?

A few weeks on, I’d notice more articles congratulating other editors on their ability to write articles... and more tyrant like, dictatorship behaviour from the Managing Editor in question.

I wrote a few retaliating comments regarding this, and the typical responses I received were patronising "If you knew anything about business..." and Bitch-made "If you don’t like intelligent conversation, f*** off to Mania"

So from experience, I now understand why these communities clash.

To sum up my thoughts... (The picture I've painted in my head, right or wrong...)

  • BE have a bunch of talented writers who take themselves a bit too seriously, preferably writing articles about themselves, than MMA news itself.
  • A Managing Editor who’s taken the route of maintaining his fan base through fear of punishment, rather than respect or admiration.
  • A pretentious community who are more invested in their BE leaders, than the sport itself.

First impressions hit hard. And as much as I enjoy the write-ups at BE, I don't feel welcome amongst the community. And I think most of the BE community don't feel welcome either. Which could explain there need to overly protect and praise their Editors, for acceptance.

that's my rant.


Just want to say thanks guys for the comments and recs, my first fanpost (probably last) so thanks again.. kinda made my day getting so much feedback :/

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