Jacob Volkmann in trouble again for UFC 141 post-fight Barack Obama joke

Jacob Volkmann has been put on administrative leave by White Bear High School in Minnesota and will no longer be allowed to coach the wrestling team due to his UFC 141 post-fight joke aimed at President Barack Obama.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight Jacob Volkmann has once again found himself in hot water after calling out President Barack Obama in his post-fight victory speech at UFC 141: "Lesnar vs. Overeem" this past weekend (Dec., 30, 2011).

In his interview with Joe Rogan after defeating Efrain Escudero, Volkmann, in a failed attempt at humor, said that President Obama was in need of a "glassectomy." When asked to clarify his statement, he replied:

"A glassectomy is when you cut your belly button out and put a piece of glass in there so when you have your head up your butt you can see where you're going."

The joke fell on deaf ears with the audience, but apparently, Volkmann's full-time employer, The White Bear School District in Minnesota, heard loud and clear and quickly put the rising UFC lightweight on administrative leave.

This from his official twitter account:

"Was put on administrative leave from coaching white bear lake high school wrestling for my joke. Unethical!"

When asked by CBSLocal.com the motives behind calling out President Obama, he said:

"I'm doing it for a couple reasons. To get my name out there, and I'm trying to get a message across. I don't think (President Obama) is ever going to pay attention."

In a separate UFC 141 interview, Volkmann reiterated once again that he would love to hurt Obama inside the Octagon.:

"My beef with Obama? It seems like all his decisions, he's not really thinking them through, he's basing his decisions, it seems like, on who is paying him the most money. They're not really logical, they're not good policies. Like making a home affordable plan, the health care plan he's got, it's like, 'Where'd you come up with that? Were you even thinking when you wrote it?' I would for sure take him down and submit him. I would try to make it a very painful submission though. Try and do like a Kimura or an armbar, try and rip it."

This isn't the first time that the three-time NCAA All American has called out the "leader of the free world." In January of 2011 after his win over Antonio McKee, Volkmann told MMAFighting.com that he wanted to fight Obama inside the Octagon next due to his displeasure with the President's health policies:

"He's not too bright, someone's got to knock some sense into that idiot."

His challenge was good enough to earn a visit from The Secret Service, who showed up question him for his post-fight comments.

Though no punishment was handed down to him at that time, his second go around didn't go so well as he now finds himself without a job as an assistant wrestling coach with White Bear High School.

What do you say, Maniacs, is it high time that Volkmann find a different way of getting his name out there? Perhaps, one that doesn't involve challenging the President of the United States every chance he gets?

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