Which Fighter had the worst year?

Fighter of the year in most peoples eyes was Jon Jones. Others it was Dan Henderson.

But What fighter had the worst year?

-Pat Barry: I love watching Pat Barry fight, but he went 1-2 this year with both his losses being finishes. Including an embarrassing KO by Cheick Kongo, a fight that he dropped the Frenchman multiply times. He got KO'd because he acted like an idiot.

-Mirko CroCop went 0-2 this year, being KO'd and TKO'd in both fights, now he wants to go back to Kickboxing. I'm a big Cro Cop fan as well....

-Chirs Leben went 1-2 this year as well, with two TKO losses and he's been suspended due to a hot piss test.

-George St. Pierre went 1-0, but his only fight he had was boring, he's been called the most over hyped athlete of the year and he's been side lined due to injuries to his knee.

-Yushin Okami fought once this year, and got embarrassed by Anderson Silva in his title fight.

-Jon Fitch went 0-1-1 this year, with his KO loss to Johny Hendricks, a lot of people are counting him out as a future contender in the welterweight division.

-BJ Penn likewise with 0-1-1 including a decision loss to Nick Diaz. Now he wants a rematch with either Fitch or Diaz and seems to have an interest in fighting again. Will he have another bad year in 2012?

-Rick Story started off the year high, but back to back losses destroyed his hype

-Jake Shields went 0-2 this year. He had a boring 25 minute title fight against GSP, then was KO'd but uprising fighter Jake Ellenberger

-Takanori Gomi went 0-2 this year, submitted by Clay Guida and Nate Diaz

-Lenonard Garcia went 0-2, losing to Chan Sung Jung and Nam Phan

Who do you guys think had a bad 2011? Who is going to rebound?

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