Is 2012 the Year of Rivalry’s, Rematches and Rubbermatches?

Is 2012 the Year of Rivalry’s, Rematches and Rubbermatches?

Strikeforce is putting together Ronda Rousey vs Meisha Tate at their March 3rd event. This Rivalry got heated up pretty quick and we are likely gonna see it (Unlike 2011) along with many other Rivalry’s, Rematches and Rubbermatches that are already scheduled, in the works, or 1-2 fights away from happening sometime in 2012.

Fights that are Scheduled

· Rousey vs Tate (March 3rd) for the Strikeforce 135lbs Womens Championship

· Faber vs Cruz 3 (Sometime in June) they are scheduled to coach against each other in The Ultimate Fighter’s debut on FX, and Square off after the 12 week live season

· Vitor Belfort vs Wanderlei Silva 2 (June/July) they are Scheduled to coach on the first international “Ultimate Fighter” with TUF Brazil, its not confirmed if they will fight at the end of the season but that is probably because Vitor has a fight on the 14th

Fights that are in the works (or that make sense)

· Forrest Griffin vs Tito Ortiz 3- They are both coming off losses, Ortiz is lobbying for this to be his last fight and Griffin has said he’ll do it if people will pay to see it.

· Lyoto Machida vs Shogun Rua 3-again both of these guys are coming off losses and with a UFC stadium show in the works for summer in Brazil it makes perfest sense.

· Miguel Torres vs Brian Bowles 2 and again both of these guys are coming off losses (Torres was more of a loss of pride), and both guys they lost too went on too challenge for the title immediately after so this could be a title eliminator.

Fights that are 1-2 fights away from Happening

· Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2- If Sonnen gets Past Munoz on Jan. 28th then its On like Donkey Kong

· Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans- Same deal as Above, if Evans can beat Davis on Jan. 28th this fight will finally happen!

· Nick Diaz vs GSP- If Diaz beats Condit he would be the man holding the strap when GSP returns (As long as GSP’s Rehab is Successful)

· Ben Henderson vs Anthony Pettis 2- Fighting on the same card and if they both win we could see Ben Henderson vs Anthony Pettis 2 for the UFC Lightweight Title

So In Total that’s 7 Rematches that are possible and 3 of them are Rubbermatches. Then 3 new and not so new (Jones vs Evans) Rivalry’s, which means there could be a Lot of Drama in 2012

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