Fedor is not a diva. He is still the kind soul we all knew he was.

"Thanks to all who watched our 9 HOUR live DREAM show! It was FUN!!! BTW Fedor is SUCH a DIVA! Other fighters & us sat on bus for about 90 min after show because Fedor apparently needs a bus all to himself! Even Bibi Fernandes and his team were booted off the second bus because 'that is Fedor's bus,' mind you these are like 70 seat tour buses! Seriously, it was just plain RUDE. Fighters want to get to their hotel we ALL HAD TO WAIT & Bibi had to clear off the Fedor bus. If greats like Hoost, JLB, Sefo, Schilt, Hunt, Hug, Aerts etc can all bus share, Fedor can too. Fancy booting Bibi Fernandes & his team off ONE BUS and onto the other more crowded one. Dude just won the B/W GP! #rude Not to mention sitting there for 90 mins on a bus at 1230am waiting, waiting, waiting... I get the 'special treatment' thing but hey, hire a small private van or a limousine, I'v seen that done before. Don't keep others waiting. Sucked that I had to wait but more so guys who had fought their hearts out -- Bibi, Banuelos, Saadulaev etc waiting 90 min! No hate, I love Fedor's style of fighting, huge fan, just saying the diva bus demand was harsh on other fighters waiting to go. Trouble is that management reflects on their clients, hence this reflects on Fedor."

Following DREAM's Genki Desu Ka!! 9 hour super event, announcer Mike Schiavello let loose in an emotional outburst over social networking site Twitter, falsely labeling Fedor Emelianenko, a diva. I'm sure most of you are privy to this story as it has been covered extensively by a plethora of mixed martial arts websites and forums over this past week. Above is the tweet from The Voice, Mike Schiavello.

Schiavello's tweet is clearly an outburst of manifested rage, the fella sounds like he needs a hug. By his own word he is a fan of the silent Russian so perhaps he slammed down a few too many brewskies that night? Or he just lost control of his vocal muscles as he has a tendency to burst out in contained yet violent, verbal explosions that can deafen nearby martial arts patrons.

Unfortunately though for The Voice, he was way off when he ripped into the former Pride FC champ who had earlier that night knocked out Japanese Judoka and Olympic Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii in the first round of the main event.

"Fedor did not ask for a bus to himself, it's all BS. I was there with Bibiano and Mach and I was on the second bus that Schiavello was on. There were two buses that went from the hotel to the arena and back. After the fight, there is a press conference and interviews that all the fighters have to do.Fedor was asked to do more interviews than everyone else and so rather than make both buses wait to leave until he was done, they told everyone that was on the bus Fedor was on that they could all get on the other bus if they wanted to leave sooner. The second bus had to wait until Fedor was done with his interviews, it had nothing to do with him wanting the whole bus to himself.We ended up waiting forever on the other bus not because of anything to do with Fedor but because we had to wait for one of the staff members from Dream that was wrapping things up. Nobody had to wait because of Fedor and Fedor did not ask for his own bus. The whole story is BS."

Director and Founder of EndZone Athletics and Professional Sports Trainer, Joel Jamieson above outlines the actual events that took place that night outside of Saitama Super Arena on renowned mixed martial arts forum, Sherdog. The single post can be viewed here in it's original form.

Perhaps next time before The Voice decides to throw Fedor under the bus, he should check his facts. I smell *sniff* ... libel.

"Open the fridge, he's out cold!!!!", "You could show a movie on Alistair Overeem's neck" and "Lock your stables, lock up your horses, wives and daughters, here comes the REEEMMMMM" are among my favourite Voice quotes. Despite this all i still remain a fan of Mike and his great announcing.

So as it turns out, Fedor is still the sweet, quiet, bald man that I had imagined him to be with a soul that smells like Jasmine flowers.


I'll always be Fedor's distant brosef, even if he is a bus hog.. though he isn't. Gotta love the guy.

This is my first fan post by the way! Hope you like it.

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