Legalize It!!!!!

No Im not talking about MMA in the state of New York. This isn't the appropriate place for that. Go somewhere else with that crap you hippie. Im talking about legalizing not only Marijuana but legalizing all drugs. As a strong believer of individual rights and freedoms, I find it absurd that someone is considered a criminal for altering their own personal state of consciousness. That alone should be grounds for the colossal failure that is The War on Drugs to be brought to an immediate stoppage. But for some reason, here in the Land of the Free, we are told how we can experience our surrounding environment and life itself. I would love to hear where all of you Maniacs stand on the issue(except Jesse Holland, that guys a douche and I am probably going to ban him). Even if you are against the mere thought of a man with the Devil's Lettuce, let me hear your argument. I will only degrade you and talk shit about your opinion and tell you how wrong your opinion is only to a certain extent. After the jump I have added a few videos to help support my argument.

Graham Hancock on Marijuana (via AwakenedFromADream)

God I swear, I could just make out with Graham Hancock, right in the fucking mouth.(No Homo)

FIGHT! Life - Eddie Bravo: Weed (via fightmagazine)

Now no one can say this post does not relate to MMA.....its got Eddies Bravo in it.

Cops Say Legalize Drugs (via CopsSayLegalizeDrugs)

This is absolutely disgusting, yet brings hope to me. Please take the time to watch this bad boy.


O Damn is a Fox news sheep. Someone please tell that guy to open his eyes to the corrupt shit that goes on behind the scenes. He is so clueless its not even funny. He had the nerve to tell me "Politicians are not liars, they are human and just make mistakes." Uhhhhh, THAT GUY!

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