Fantasy Warfare: Gegard Mousasi VS Dan Henderson


In modern day Mixed Martial Arts, their are fans who proclaim that one fighter was and is now significantly better than another at one point in time. The era of MMA today is that fighters are training Wrestling, Striking & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before even competing in their first MMA fight whether it be amateur or professional. Gegard Mousasi is the DREAM Light heavyweight Champion and the DREAM 2008 Middleweight Grand Prix winner. Dan Henderson is a legend in the sport of MMA, he was the unbeaten Strikeforce LHW Champion and the two division PRIDE Champion. Who would win the showdown between these two overgrown middleweights and top ten Light Heavy Weight contenders?

Join me as I simulate the two of these men fighting each other in a scenario that hasn't come to be after the jump.


Gegard "Troll Face" "The Dream Chaser" Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi is the DREAM LHW Champion at 26 years old and has honed so much of his potential at such a young age and is of the minority that are seemingly only going to get better. Gegard Mousasi is coming off a gritty grappling match with Strikeforce LHW Prospect Ovince St. Preux, Mousasi showcased improve take downs and take down defense in the fight negating most of OSP's take down attempts and implementing his own ground game on the Haitian American. Mousasi is a K1 Level striker(literally) with solid submissions, high level Judo and an ever improving wrestling game. Mousasi has never been Knocked out or Rocked in Kickboxing or MMA and has shown 5 round cardio in a losing effort to fellow top contender King Mo, where Mousasi did most of the damage despite the majority of the fight taking place on the ground with him on bottom. Mousasi holds wins over Hector Lombard, Denis Kang, Renato Sobral, Sokoudjou, Mark Hunt, Jacare Souza and Melvin Manhoef.


Dan "HENDO" Henderson

Dan Henderson was a two division PRIDE Champion and is the unbeaten Strikeforce LHW Champion. Dan Henderson is a legend in the sport of MMA who possesses dynamite in both hands and Olympic caliber wrestling technique. Dan Henderson is riding the heels of a victory over Mauricio Shogun Rua in a fight that is believed by many to be the FOTY in 2011. Henderson showed in that fight that he can weather a storm both on the feet and on the ground against someone who possesses legitimate power. Dan Henderson has possibly the most chance of finishing your favorite fighter than virtually any other man on the entire planet. Henderson holds notable wins over Fedor Emelianenko, Rousimar Palhares, Ninja & Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva, Babalu Sobral 2x, Murilo Bustamante, Michael Bisping, Rich Franklin, Rafael Feijao & Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

Scenario: Dan Henderson(Today) 29-8 VS Gegard Mousasi(Today) 32-3-2/ 5 rounds for Strikeforce LHW Title.

My Prediction: Gegard Mousasi via Majority Decision. Dan Henderson takes Gegard down in the 1st, however he doesn't have as much success as he would've last year. Mousasi gives up the 1st round after finding his rhythm both on the feet and on his back and starts to trouble Henderson more as time passes by. Henderson begins to throw wildly in round 3 and Mousasi dodges his best shots and stays upright long enough to catch Henderson on the bad end of a teep kick and an lands constant inside leg kicks and straight punches. Henderson has success tie-ING up in the clinch and gets another take down but Mousasi is constant working and finds his way up to back to his feet while scrambling with Hendo. As the fight goes deeper Mousasi starts to wear Hendo out with the better striking, landing kicks and straight punches on a seemingly tired Henderson to close the fight.Hendo has shown bad cardio since his fight with Jake Shields and Mousasi although his cardio in his last fight wasn't stellar, that's the only time I seen his cardio look bad and yet he still won. Mousasi eventually starts to outstrike Henderson, gets take downs and implements a similar gameplan to that Jake Shields and Shogun used to win the latter rounds, only with more striking.

The Winner and New Strikeforce LhW Champion Gegard "The Dream Catcher" Mousasi.

Well Maniacs was the prediction accurate, Is Gegard Mousasi's striking and cardio good enough to withstand the H-Bomb for 5 rounds?

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