It's Showtime 55 results and LIVE fight coverage TODAY (Jan. 28) from Leeuwarden

Badr Hari will compete for the last time this Saturday in the kickboxing ring.

With K-1 all but dead, It's Showtime has taken the opportunity to grab the reins and become the premiere kickboxing organization in the world. Their first 2012 event, which kicks off this afternoon on HDNet, is suitably a doozy.

After one of the most entertaining (not to mention) erratic careers in kickboxing history, the legendary Badr Hari will officially retire from the sport to pursue boxing after his showdown with the vicious Gokhan Saki, while Daniel Ghita will look to get his hands on both revenge and the It's Showtime heavyweight title in his rematch with Hesdy Gerges

MMAmania will deliver complete LIVE action from It's Showtime 55, starting with the HDNet broadcast at 3:00 PM EST.

Quick results and live play-by-play after the jump

Main Card

Heavyweight.: Badr Hari def. Gokhan Saki by 1R TKO (3 Knockdowns)

Heavyweight Championship.: Daniel Ghita def. Hesdy Gerges by 1R KO (Left Hook)

70MAX: Robin van Roosmalen def. Murat Direkci by Majority Decision (4-1)

Heavyweight: Errol Zimmerman def. Rico Verhoeven by 1R KO (Left Hook)

70MAX: Harut Grigorian def. Chris Ngimbi by 2R TKO (Cut)

Heavyweight: Anderson Silva def. Michael Duut by Unanimous Decision


Heavyweight: Tyrone Spong def. Melvin Manhoef by Unanimous Decision

73MAX Championship: L'houcine Ouzgni def. Yohan Lidon by Unanimous Decision

Heavyweight: Ben Edwards def. Ricardo van den Bos by Unanimous Decision

95MAX: Sahak Parparyan def. Mourad Bouzidi by Unanimous Decision

70MAX: Andy Ristie def. HINATA by 1R TKO (3 Knockdowns)

70MAX: Hafid el Boustati def. Henri van Opstal by Unanimous Decision

Badr Hari's Farewell: Badr Hari vs. Gokhan Saki

Round one:Both of these guys have lead in every limb and are fast as hell. This’ll be crazy.

Inside leg kick from Saki early. Outside leg kick from Hari goes short and Gokhan takes him down into half guard. They restart. Saki flicking the inside leg. Right straight from Hari lands. Head kick from Badr deflected, body kick isn’t. Saki hunting for the left hook. Hari BOMBS after Saki but can’t connect. Huge uppercut from Hari! Saki down but he makes his way up! Wow! Spinning heel kick from Saki blocked, then Hari knocks him down a second time. Hari with another uppercut, that’s three knockdowns. Game over, knockout win for Badr Hari.

Final Result: Hari def. Saki by TKO (3 Knockdowns)


It's Showtime Heavyweight Championship: Hesdy Gerges (c) vs. Daniel Ghita

Round one: These are big, big dudes. The referee looks freaking tiny. This oughta be good.

Inside leg kicks from Gerges. Ghita responds to both legs. Both men just trading leg kicks early. Gerges slowly inching back towards his own corner; not sure how good of an idea that is.

Left hook from Ghita buckles Gerges but he stays up. Nasty hook to the body from Ghita. High kick from Ghita blocked; haven’t seen those bone-crushing leg kicks of his used to much effect. Hard inside leg kick from Gerges. Inside kick and left from Ghita. Knee from Gerges blocked. Good punch exchange and HUGE LEFT HOOK FROM GHITA! Gerges is OUT COLD. Knockout win for the Leg Kick Fiend.

Gerges went limp on impact. What a knockout.

Final Result: Ghita def. Gerges by knockout (Left Hook)


70MAX bout: Murat Direkci vs. Robin van Roosmalen

Round one: Pawing early with hands and feet. Push kick to the body from Murat. Nice body shot-left hook combo from Robin, then a low kick. Murat probing Robin’s guard. Good right from Murat lands to the jaw. Jumping knee misses from Murat. Nasty left hook and low kick from Roosmalen initiates a crazy exchange on the ropes. Kick exchange. Step-in knee from Murat blocked, push kick to the midsection lands. Whipping head kick goes high for Murat, body kick lands. Low kick trade, push kick from Murat. Nice punching combo from Direkci. Step-in knee again for Direkci again blocked. Murat throws a punching combo and a right uppercut gets through. There’s the bell and I’ll give it to Direkci.

Round two: Murat flicking out combos very well and keeping Robin at bay. Nothing too hard, but keeping Roosmalen from unloading that big power. Left from Robin lands. Push kick from Murat working well. Roosmalen swinging hard but coming up short. Quick exchange inside, favors Roosmalen. Hard left from Robin lands; Murat is unfazed. More hard punching exchanges; teep to the face lands for Murat. Still nothing on the step-in knee. Good uppercut from Roosmalen, who stumbles Murat with a low kick. Murat with a minor cut over his left eye; doctor steps in real quick to clean it up and they restart. Roosmalen throwing bombs and seems to finally be getting to Murat, who continues hunting the knee. Good push kick from Direkci. Very close round; announcers are incredibly biased towards Roosmalen, so I may be being influenced, but I’ll give Roosmalen the round. Even fight.

Round three: Robin having all sorts of trouble getting past the push kicks. Having more success getting close in the early going here though. Hard right from Murat. Push kick. More heavy swings from Robin but no contact. Robin flurrying hard but hitting elbow and glove. Axe kick from Murat lands. Right from Robin lands decently well. Robin forces Murat to the ropes but unable to capitalize. Accidental headbutt opens a second cut on Direkci, but it doesn’t look bad. Doctor cleans it up and they go at it again. Robin pushing forward. Nice left-right from Roosmalen, who jacks Murat with an uppercut and commences a barrage of punches. Murat firing back. There’s the bell; Roosmalen may have stolen it at the end. Very, very close fight. Roosmalen, but barely in my book.

Final Result: Roosmalen def. Direkci by majority decision


Heavyweight bout: Rico Verhoeven vs. Errol Zimmerman

Round one: Something entertaining always seems to happen when Zimmerman gets in the ring, whether it’s him or the other guy left drooling on the canvas.

Good mid kick from Zimmerman early, one-two deflected. Combo to low kick blocked. Rico gets Errol in the corner, hitting with knees. Zimmerman swinging hard but doesn’t land. Low kick from Rico lands and then LEFT HOOK FROM ERROL AND RICO IS OUT. Wow, colossal punch from “Bonecrusher.” Beautiful combo from Errol, finishing with that mean left hook. Dude hits hard.

Final Result: Zimmerman def. Verhoeven by knockout (Left Hook)


70MAX bout: Harut Grigorian vs. Chris Ngimbi

Round one: Ah, a Chris Ngimbi fight. Always interesting to watch him work.

Punches from Grigorian landing, and low kicks. First flying knee form Ngimbi comes twenty seconds in. Low kick exchange. Grigorian backing Ngimbi up and lands a right. Another knee from Ngimbi misses. Uppercut from Grigorian lands, then a right straight from Ngimbi. Body shot from Gtigorian. Grigorian battering Ngimbi around the ring with punching combos. Nice body shot from Grigorian and a push kick. Another body shot. Ngimbi punches fall short. Flurry from Harut; flying knee from the Armenian blocked. Another flurry with Ngimbi caught in the corner. Chris escapes and misses a flying knee. Easy round for Grigorian.

Round two: Ngimbi punching but getting backed up. Low kick exchange, knee misses from Harut. Body blows from Chris. Ngimbi lands an uppercut but gets backed into the corner. Reset; Ngimbi lands a low kick. Grigorian looking for the clinch knee, bullying Ngimbi around the ring. Huge flying knee from Ngimbi just misses; ref pauses the fight to look at a nasty cut over Ngimbi’s eye and that’s it. TKO victory for Harut Grigorian. Looks like the cut came from a Grigorian standing knee.

Final Result: Grigorian def. Ngimbi by TKO (Cut)


Heavyweight Bout: Michael Duut vs. Anderson "Braddock" Silva

Round one: If you’re in the mood for some brutality, check out Braddock’s knockout of Freddy Kemayo. Beautiful head kick.

Alright, let’s get started. Both men tentative early. Inside leg kick from Duut, then a straight falls short. Outside thigh kick for Silva, then a body kick. Leg kick from Silva, then a high kick blocked. Good counter left from Braddock. Glancing leg kick from Duut, then a good right straight. Combo from Silva with Duut against the ropes. High knee from Duut falls short, then a one-two does the same. Inside leg kick from Braddock. Another. Good one-two from Silva. Duut inside kick goes low, they restart. Neither man consistently landing clean. Right straight lands for Silva. Duut stumbled with a punch combo but survives to the end of the round. Both men swing at each other after the bell rings; poor sportsmanship. 10-9 Braddock.

Round two: Leg kick checked from Duut. Low then middle kick land glancing for Silva. Hard left hook from Silva catches Duut. Another good left, then a body kick. One-two from Duut deflected. Hard punching combo drops Duut against the ropes; right straight did the most damage. Duut back up and punching, tripped to the ground by a low kick. Silva lands a big overhand right and has Duut trapped in the corner, but he escapes. Flying knee falls short for Duut. Braddock pursuing with punches but Duut staying out of range so far. Silva just too much for Duut at the moment; he lands a body kick before the bell. 10-8 Braddock.

Round three: High knee from Duut early doesn’t land, right straight from Silva does. Silva still looking for the counter left that has been working. Nasty low kick from Silva sends Duut to the canvas. Excellent defense from Braddock. Nice right straight from Silva, Duut counters with a one-two-high kick combo. Duut throws a high front kick and slips to the ground. Duut lands a good few punches. Body kick from Silva. Good right straight from Braddock as Duut retreats. Overhand right from Braddock connects, then a good combo at the end. Round and match to Braddock.

Final Result: Anderson Silva def. Michael Duut by unanimous decision


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