MFCs Mark Pavelich blasts Antonio McKee for missing weight; will go eat a hot dog when he fights

Photo of MFC CEO Mark Pavelich via MFC

It doesn't take much to get MFC head honcho Mark Pavelich riled up as he's one of the most vocal and opinionated promoters in the business.

So when both participants of MFC 32's scheduled lightweight title fight, Antonio McKee and Brian Cobb, missed weight earlier today, needless to say, someone was going to get an earful.

During an appearance on Bloody Elbow Radio just hours ago, Pavelich lashed out at his champion, McKee, who had just recently made peace with the promotion and was returning from a two fight stint that saw him lose his debut with the UFC against Jacob Volkmann via split decision.

"This will be the final fight ever for Antonio McKee at the Maximum Fighting Championship. He will never fight ever again in our show. When you're a champion of an organization of our magnitude and you weigh [in] over seven pounds, you're basically telling people you don't want to fight anymore."

And that wasn't the end of the drama either.

Pavelich made the order to immediately strip the 41 year old of his title after he stepped off the scale.

"I snapped. That was my reaction. I was in absolute snap mode ... the second the scale said 162, the decision was made immediately. He was stripped of the title. He will no longer ever wear the MFC belt and that's the end of it."

On top of being seven pounds overweight for a title fight, Pavelich had another key reason to be perturbed with the his now ex-champion, it was a lack of trust and that fact that not only did it appear McKee didn't even try to cut weight, he may have gained a pound or two upon his arrival into Edmonton.

"He said that when he came off the plane on Tuesday, he said he was three pounds over so why would we have any kind of discrepancy about it, right? And I guess my guy, when he checks guys on the scales and stuff, he said that he was about five or six over and I was like, 'Well what is there to worry about on a Tuesday?' so that's why I have the issue."

Also coming in under the radar to do the magnitude of McKee's troubles, his challenger, UFC veteran Brian Cobb failed to make weight and will need a victory to keep his job in the promotion as well.

"Brian Cobb weighed over .6 pounds, if Brian Cobb loses the fight tomorrow night against Antonio McKee, he will be released also from our organization too. If he wins he stays, if he loses, he goes. That's it."

While the fight will still be taking place, it will no longer be five rounds, instead becoming a three round non-title catchweight affair. Pavelich is so disgusted with both men that he's planning on making a dramatic exit during their bout as a form of protest.

"When that fight goes on, I'll leave the building and I'll come back for the superfight. I'm not even gonna watch it. It's a disregard for our organization and for how hard we work and I won't be a supporter of it. When you have an opportunity to fight in an organization of my magnitude and both come in overweight, trust me, I'll go get a hot dog at the vending stand during their fight."

Thankfully, for the fans, the main event, a five round non-title bout between Duayne Lewis and Wilson Gouveia will be going forward as planned, with both men making weights and looking "like thoroughbreds" according to Pavelich. He offered some final words for fans who are interested in tuning in on HDNet tomorrow night, not afraid to showcase any bias towards his former champion.

"You know what you can't miss tomorrow? You can't miss the atomic beating that Brian Cobb's gonna put on Antonio McKee tomorrow night. I want everyone to tune in to watch that because Brian Cobb is gonna put an ass-whoopin' on Antonio McKee like no one's ever saw before so I want everyone on HDNet to tune into that."

So what do you think, Maniacs?

Do such unprofessional issues like missing weight in a title fight require drastic actions like this? Did Pavelich go too far, or not far enough?

Opinions, please.

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