ONE FC Fighter Peter Davis, the Malaysian Model Turned Mixed Martial Artist


Peter Davis was an obvious addition to the ONE Fighting Championship roster because not only is he one of the best fighters in Malaysia but he is also a celebrity who has starred in multiple commercials and advertizing campaigns and works as a catwalk model.

His main claim to fame is having a starring role in the award winning Malaysian movie Sell Out! but it is as a fighter that he is hoping to make a name for himself in 2012. Davis already has a 3-1 record and will be looking to improve on that starting on February 11th when he will feature on the undercard at ONE Fighting Championship 'Battle of Heroes'.

The BritAma Arena in Jakarta will play host to ONE FC's eagerly anticipated second event and Davis will be taking on an Indonesian fighter, wrestling stand out Ngabdi Mulyadi. Just like the Malaysian he has not been fighting regularly for a long time but his MMA record stands at 5-2 and he won a bronze medal wrestling at the 2009 SEA Games.

Davis has faced some serious opponents in the past knocking out Japanese journeyman Masaya Doi in his professional debut and going three rounds with Darren Guisha, who was regarded as one of the brightest prospects on the UK scene at the time, in his second fight.

His style is an extremely unorthodox form of Kung Fu he calls 'Wuji Chuan' which was taught to him by a Malaysian teacher. It is unusual for fighters with a background in traditional martial arts to prosper in MMA but for the first time in his life Davis is conducting a proper training camp in preparation for a shot with Asia's most prestigious mixed martial arts promotion.

After the jump, check him out doing his day job as well as answering questions about moving from modelling to mixed martial arts.

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Have you been busy with modelling or have you had time to train for this fight?

I was visiting family in the UK over Christmas and I worked cardio and some endurance because I did not really have a team to train with. Now I'm working with the team at Muayfit and I'm doing full MMA cross training: hardcore cardio, BJJ, Muaythai, wrestling, strengh and conditioning and also some Wuji Chuan on the side.

Who have you been training with?

The team at Muayfit. A group of experienced fighters that have a lot of 'know how' in the cage, there is Arnaud Lepont who is a French fighter who is 7-1 and has some big fights coming up, he's a name to look out for and Eric Kelly who is 6-0 and put in a very good performance at the first ONE Fighting Championship show, he has amazing submission skills.

Then there's Jorm from Thailand who has had over 300 Muay Thai fights, I have been working on my stand up with him and Isamu Himura who has trained all over the world and has a lot of experience. Samir Mrabet helps me with my BJJ, he has as purple belt and also has some MMA experience, we have a really good team and we all train together twice a day.

You have a decent record but I heard you had never really trained properly for a fight before. How does your preparation for this fight compare with the preparation you did for previous fights?

Well this time it's harder. ONE Fighting Championship is home to some of the best fighters in Asia, it's a different league of fighting and a different level of fighters. I'm knackered at the end of the day after giving it my all whilst dropping weight at the same time. Previously I was working a 9-5 and trained maybe two or three times a week. Now it's everyday, this is my full time job.


Have you ever had a chance to train with professional fighters before and if not how much do you think it has helped you improve?

I've trained with good guys before, but this is different. It's a team, it's gotta be good because most of these guys have just done fights and are very active in the MMA scene. It's a great help from hardcore training to great tips, sometimes just small stuff but it's really good.

I believe you have always fought at welterweight in the past, are you confident you will be able to get down to 155 lbs and are you planning on cutting much weight?

Well we used to weigh in on the day of most of our fights and we never really thought about it. Now though I see guys at welterweight and they look huge, Gregor Gracie for example. So dropping down in weight seemed like the sensible thing to do as everyone else is doing it. I'm confident about cutting the weight because I'm easily 72kg after a sweaty training session and that's just by moderating my food intake. If I control water intake too it should not be a problem.

What do you prefer modelling or fighting?

Depends on the day! They both involve watching your weight, waiting around for a job and then when you get the job you need to do lots of waiting around until it starts. On top of that apparently you have to do lots of interviews and get your photo taken for fighting so they are definitely kind of similar except that there are less tall hot chicks around when I fight!

You teach an MMA class in KL and I assume all your students will be watching the fight. Does that make you feel more pressure?

Yes the pressure is on, but that can only push me forward knowing that everyone will be watching. Losing is not an option.


Are you nervous about fighting against an Indonesian in Indonesia?

I'm not nervous about the fighting itself but the crowd inside and outside of the fight... maybe. However the Indonesians are a nice bunch of people so I hope this will be fine.

Do you have any predictions for your fight?

I'm going to be training hard and I hope that will swing the balance. It's not gonna be easy to get the KO I'm looking for, but even if I get taken down I think I've got a reasonable chance on the ground

You went to the first One FC show. What did you think of that?

It was a great show, I think there were almost 10,000 people there and I can't wait to be a part of the next one. The good thing about being on the undercard is that I should get to watch lots of it. The first show was great, some awesome fights. This time it should be more of the same and hopefully I can make mine a fight to remember.

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