King Mo will not appeal positive steroid test; blames over-the-counter supplement for 'mistake'

Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed Lawal, who tested positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone following a Jan. 7, 2012, win over Lorenz Larkin, is not expected to file an appeal with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

Drostanolone, also found in previous drug test results from Josh Barnett and Hermes Franca, is popular among athletes and competitive bodybuilders because its "anti-estrogenic properties make it a very effective cutting agent."

But "King Mo" insists he "had no intent of taking any illegal substance."

That's according to his manager Mike Kogan, who told the MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting) that Lawal ingested "a supplement called S-Mass Lean Gainer by Rock Solid, which Lawal said he bought at a Max Muscle store in California and used only sporadically for 'rehab stuff.'"

Lawal explains how it all went down, after the jump.

"When I went to Max Muscle, I figured you can't buy steroids at a Max Muscle. It's a chain store," he said. "That's like going to a grocery store and buying something illegal there. ...I guess that's the mistake I made. When I looked at the bottle, it just had a bunch of numbers on it. It had the ingredients. I didn't see anything that looked illegal on the bottle, to be honest with you."

Ignorance is bliss.

While Lawal is not expected to file an appeal when he appears before the NSAC, Kogan says he does intend to provide an "answer" for the results of the drug test, which he blames on the "tricks" of the supplement industry.

Kogan is also asking fans to "do their research" before jumping to conclusions based on the reports of "headline-chasing reporters," which is ironic, since the failure to do any research is what landed him and his client in this mess to begin with.

And by his own admission, S-Mass Lean Gainer, marketed as "the most powerful designer anabolic ever created," was taken off store shelves in mid-2011. That means it was bought in 2010, removed from stores in 2011, found in Lawal's system in 2012.

Sporadic indeed.

More on King Mo's steroid bust here, here and here.

Lawal discusses it in-depth to HDNet:

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