Chael Sonnen thinks Anderson Silva is done and may never fight again

Photo of Anderson Silva by Jed Jacobsohn via Getty Images.

Remember all that talk from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White about Chael Sonnen rematching Anderson Silva for the middleweight title within the confines of a sold-out soccer stadium in Brazil?

Ain't happening.

Not that the promotion isn't sincere in its efforts to deliver said rematch to a nation of passionate mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, but Silva, currently rehabbing multiple injuries, is probably done as a combat sports fighter and will soon be hanging up the gloves for good.

That's according to Sonnen, who told media members at Friday's UFC on FOX 2 media conference call that Silva rejected a proposed rematch "four out of four times" and may in fact, never fight again.

Check it out:

"I can guarantee you Anderson Silva and I will never cross paths again. He's not getting into the ring with me, ever. I called him out publicly. You call out a Brazilian publicly; you're going to be fighting that Brazilian. That's in their culture. I don't think he's ever going to fight again. That's my personal opinion. What I know for a fact is that he turned me down four out of four times. He personally said no to Lorenzo Fertitta's face. I think that (the UFC) is sincere. I think that they mean it. But I can tell you that behind the scenes, they've tried to put Anderson and me together four times and four times he said no. I become the number one contender and can get past Bisping, I'm gonna sit down with Dana and we're going to have a talk about (Georges St. Pierre) or Jon Jones. I'm not under any illusion that it's going to be Anderson Silva."

Former UFC middleweight number one contender, Dan Henderson, expects Silva's mysterious injuries to heal up fairly quickly if Michael Bisping is able to defeat Sonnen on Jan. 28 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

If he doesn't, will "The Spider" ever return?

Sonnen isn't waiting around and has called out Jones and St. Pierre for the second time. Anyone interested in either of those two match-ups? Or is this just a bunch of hot air designed to pressure Silva into a speedy return?

For more from today's UFC on FOX 2 media conference call click here.

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