MMAmania: The classics revisited

Maniacs, lurkers, fags, and Sarah. For years it has been common knowledge that MMAmania is where all the cool kids go to get their MMA fix. If I could compare the MMA internets to the film industry, we would have BE for the gay porn, SD would be the Sundance festival since most of their content is shit that never sees the light of day, and sitting on top of the mountain is us. Mania, the Hollywood of MMA sites. It's also common knowledge however, that not all good things last forever, and frankly, our beloved site has been running out of fresh ideas. So being the Hollywood of MMA, what better to do when the ideas go stale, but to remake a classic. Join me after the jump as I present to you a Mania classic, updated for 2012.



Allistair Overeem got in a fight this weekend......and dominated.

I'm going to try to remember every detail so that I don't miss anything. It had been years since Allistair had gotten into a fight, he and his wife had been together almost 11 years and I can remember one altercation in that time. In his younger days Allistair fought quite a bit, but was never really planning on fighting again. Disclaimer, when I mention adrenaline dump (Geno) I realize there is no scientific term, if you've ever been in a fight before, you know that rush you get, then a moment later you get stiff and can't move any muscles in your body. The last fight that Allistair got in, this happened and he couldn't throw a punch after the first 60 seconds/

Anyways, Overeem's wife works a half saturday, once per year and her and co workers go out after work. This one guy she car pools with shows her extra affection but is harmless. Anyways, they all have a good time, and when everyone leaves the place they are at, Brock professes his love to her. She says whatever, you're drunk, go sleep it off , I'll call Allistair for a ride. At this point he thought nothing of it, just aggravated that he had to pick her up. About halfway there she calls him crying, Brock is in the background yelling and screaming at her, saying he''s gonna kick Allistair's ass when he gets there etc.

OK, so the next 15 minutes, Allistair controls his breathing and thinks about breaking Brock's arms. He don't want to get hit, the dude is like 6'4 and Allistair don't need a black eye. Also, he's not a talker or a pusher, Allistair's going in, guns blazing, take names after. He pulls in and faces his truck in the middle of the parking lot facing out (assuming the cops will be called). Allistair walks in and Brock is on the phone in the smoking area, here they go. Brock sees Allistair, hangs up his phone and gets blasted in his left eye with a right. Brock cowers a bit, Allistair can't land another right unless it's to the back of Brock's head, but he wants to fuck him up. Allistair throws 3 or 4 lefts then grabs Brock's head and knees him in the face. Brock stands up, and Allistair thinks "damn this dudes big." Allistair lunges forward and hits Brock with another right then walk towards the bar to get his wife.

As he is walking towards the exit, a bus boy says he called the cops, and Allistair hears this prick say 'I'm still right here Allistair,' so he runs across the room and gives a repeat performance. Then he gets in the car, drives a 1/4 mile down the road where he needs to U turn, as Allistair is headed back past the place there are 4 cop cars. He then goes to down town Palo Alto to eat a nice dinner of horse meat. He was thinking he broke his ring finger on his left hand, but no adrenaline dump. Allistair feels that the controlled breathing was what helped.

Allistair doesn't advocate fighting and rarely even has disagreements. Also a side note, Allistair didn't see him, but his wife was upset at how bad he fucked him up. She saw a pic of Kos (post GSP) and said thats what he looked like. Guessing it's an exaggeration, but Allistair knows he's feeling it. Fighting is a last resort guys, but Allistair had forgotten how fun it can be!

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