Anthony Johnson is Scared

What other reason would he have to be doing what he has been doing? This is an unheard of precedent , we have never seen a fighter so afraid to fight someone his own size, he is willing to lose his life in the process, as well as his job. Why won't Anthony Johnson just you know, man up?

Anthony Johnson has been fighting guys for too long now. At WW, he looked drawn out and sick on weight day. He decides to move to MW and tries to come in way bigger than his opponent once again. We all know he is hiding his skill set, which is not nearly as awesome as we are led to believe when he was beating up people much smaller than himself. Guys like Ben Askren are right, Anthony should be ashamed of himself.

It's one thing, if you Thiago Alves, and you are a thick guy, who just can barely just fit into your division. Thiago Alves is a midget, with T-Rex arms, he literally just would not be big enough to fight at MW. He's 5'9 and his reach is short as well.

Anthony Johnson is 6'2. We've have seen numerous fighters at HW be successful at that height. And it's not like Rumble is a string bean who can't put on muscle. His legs aren't that big, but he is a huge guy.

Where on earth do you find a 6'2 guy, with elite muscle building capability , as well as athleticism , power and speed to rival damn near anyone, consistently run from fighting someone anywhere near his own size? Nowhere.

Not everyone can be a tough guy, and be the nail and the hammer like a guy like Jim MIller who is tough as nails. That's fine, no one asked you to be. But jesus man, fight somewhere were you can be effective as a fighter ! Be the most effective fighter you can be, and let the weight figure itself out.

There is no way Rumble as a drawn out WW is at his fighting peak. His cardio is not good, and he can't even afford to get into any grappling match, or he will never survive more than a round or two.

Rumble will be more explosive, more deadly at a higher weight. He needs to work on his skills more of course, but he needs to fight at a weight that will not complete drain him.

LHW is a really tough division, but Rumble can train for strength, and not go crazy with his diet, and be a solid 220 or 225 LHW.

Hopefully this guy figures this out, and as scary as Rumble is, it's not nearly as scary as he thinks it is to fight someone his own size. Damn bully.

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