Professionalism vs Gumption

Nearly all sides of the spectrum have been discussed in the front page thread so I don't expect this to get much play, but i'll post it anyways. I simply cannot believe people complaining that "it wasn't his place."



UFC: 142 was an action packed fight card boasting six first round finishes, all the while showcasing some of the most brutal knockouts and submissions of any card in UFC history.

Between the blasting KO’s and dismembering of limbs one aspect of the night stood out beyond all others—The blatant incompetency of referee Mario Yamasaki.

Mario has been a mixed martial-arts referee since 1999 at UFC:20 "The Road to the Heavyweight Title" in Alabama. Coincidently that was also the inaugural event for Bruce Buffer’s "We are live" event introduction. Protecting fighters in over 200 sanctioned MMA bouts, Mario’s vast experience places him among the reffing elite and, rightfully so, he is head and shoulders above "tan" Dan Miragliotta and the reprehensible Steve Mazzagatti.

Outside of his refusal to acknowledge the nut-shot Matt Hughes suffered at the hands of "Twinkle Toes" in their second title fight at UFC: 52 "Dana White’s Favorite Fight….Ever" Mario is usually solid, and a referee of choice (as if there is one unless you are Brock Lesnar—may he RIP) for fighters. That being said, everyone makes mistakes.

The butterflies of victory had not yet begun to settle for Erick Silva in his return to Brazil after his knockout victory of Luis Ramos at UFC: 134, when Mario Yamasaki told the commission that he was robbing him of his obliteration of Carlos Prater, whom he had only moments ago beaten into a (T)KO stoppage in front of his home town crowd of Brazil’s finest.

The reason? Illegal Strikes to the back of the head.


Silva hits Prater with a knee to the body then lands blistering shots ending the fight. It appears out of roughly eight (8) strikes that one (1) was possibly to the back of the head, while another one definitely being a glancing/skimming shot. Forearm down to hitting the side of the head (legal) is what ended the fight.




Full Length Video

Now we get to the heart of the post—Joe "Balls-Mahoney" Rogan Rc7ipd


Joe Rogan, paid to call the fights like he sees them, did just that. He became the voice for everyone watching who has a minimum of 3 marbles rolling around in their proverbial noggin and immediately “called out” Mario right then and there, live in front of world.

It looked legal to me. Lets take a look. There you catch him. Theres one to the side. That’s legal. That’s legal. That’s legal. That’s legal. There’s one that strayed. These look like legal shots to me. These don’t look like legal shots to you? Mario, what was it about this that would make you want to make this a disqualification? It looks fine from here. It seems he is hitting the side of the head. That doesn’t look like the back of the head to me, man. One may have, it looks like he is going way out of his way to try to hit the sides of the head. Is this a judgment call, are you happy with this call? How are you feeling about this, I understand you have to decide in the moment? Look Mario Yamasaki is a great referee, but I think he made a mistake here.

Droves of fans are crying out that it was unprofessional of Rogan to call out the referee in such a public fashion. Personally, I applaud Joe for having the balls to do what he did, in the way that he did it. I liken it to watching an ABC special where they set up instances to see people’s reaction, or lack thereof. Joe, like the rest of us, saw bullshit and called a spade a spade. An immediate reaction is the best reaction.

Let’s face it, society at large is full of brainless sheeple whom rather shy away and walk on by than open their mouth or doing anything at all.

Nothing pisses me off more than an episode of Primetime: What would you do?<!--EndFragment-->

I can only imagine what “The Voice” and Co. would have came up with in defense of Yamasaki.

This isn’t the first time, either. Anyone remember Joe Rogan vs The Great Ice Spill of UFC: 109?!

“There’s a lot of ice. This is a disaster. Oh no, they knocked the bucket over. This is the three stooges. What are you freaks doing. Everybody’s booing, now there is even more pressure…they’re sweeping it to the side, that’s good watch Arianny fall on her head…(at the stooges) YO there’s still ice. GET BACK IN THERE, YOU’RE NOT DONE…Those cornermen, someone needs to kick there ass.”


It wasn't his place there either, huh? Nor when a guy goes crazy on a show he simply hosts (much like he does for the UFC) and he restrains the nut.

Award for one, pink slip for another.

Joe Rogan showed what not only MMA needs, but society in general, and that sarah and gentleman, is balls. The gumption to call an idiot an idiot, and not sit idly by.

Grow a pair.

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