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Hello Maniacs! This may or may not be a weekly thing. Just thoughts after UFC 142 and recent news.

1. I think a motivated fighter can make anything happen.

There is always speculation has to whether or not a fighter that goes into the octagon and loses or doesn't perform as well as expectations would have preceded. A great example of this would be BJ Penn in the recent future. More recently though, Jose Aldo seemed to be rather not himself. After last night, the Jose Aldo we all know and love is back. The picture above says it all. Being in Brazil definitely helped out Aldo as he truly did put on a specular performance. This is not to say Aldo was the underdog. He clearly wasn't, but he was obviously prepared and ready for his fight at UFC 142.

2. I think Anthony Johnson needs to get a reality check.

After all of the hype that was Anthony Johnson moving up to middleweight, this is what we were given. Talk about an unmotivated fighter, Johnson decided to unhealthy cut his weight. Say what you want about the medical risks and fluid that was needed, but after reading article after article, the reason it happened was because weight was cut so quickly. Johnson should have to work his way back up because he upset Zuffa, Belfort, and the fans. His message back to the fans was in such poor taste that any fans he had must have at least cut in half. He responded by saying, "I'm already laughing at what ppl are saying. Yeah it was for medical reason and I did what the UFC Dr Told me to do. Believe it or don't I give a f**k cuz the ppl close to me were freaking out but I'm still alive and something like this has never happen before. Say what you want I'm still gonna do my thang. You try not having feeling in your legs and can't move then and see how you look at life after that." Way to do "yo thang" Rumble.

3. I think that UFC on Fox 2 will be a tell all event.

We will see the return of Phil Davis after a long layoff. Who will fight Silva in Brazil and the potential next #1 contender in the middleweight division between Bisping and Maia. This card stars 6 guys that are top 5 in their respective divisions. How many times do we really see three main events? The UFC, whether they want to admit it or not, really want Sonnen to pull out this victor because Silva Sonnen II in Brazil = $$$.

4. I think it is going to be a fun 6 or 7 months for the welterweight division.

With Georges St. Pierre out, the two leader of the division, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit, will face off at UFC 143 in 2 1/2 weeks. It is unbelievable how dangerous the top guys in the division are. After Condit and Diaz, you have Jake Ellenberger, an always fun Josh Koscheck, and the quick uprising of Johnny Hendricks. Joe Silva will definitely have his hands full in terms of making decisions to say who will fight each other. It could be anyone standing opposite GSP next fall to fight for the belt.

5. Palhares is one scary man.

There are always fighters that choose to stray away from their skills during certain fights. Demian Maia hasn't found his BJJ in a long time, not submitting an opponent in over 7 fights. Rousimar Palhares not only has 10 of 14 wins by sub, but six of those by heel hook. Not to discredit Massenzio, but it will be interesting as to how Palhares will fare against better competition. I would like to see him against a wrestler to test his stand up.

6. The UFC is taking over MMA.

The first thought for this comment must be, duh. But I want you to think of what has happened over the course of a year. Fedor Emelianenko was just upset by Fabricio Werdum, the conversation of Strikeforce versus UFC was not too one sided, and Bellator was slowly making some moves. Now, take a notice at the rankings and the UFC basically owns the top 10 in the heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, and welterweight divisions. With exception of Gilbert Melendez and Shinya Aoki, the lightweight division is also deadly in the UFC. Feather and Bantamweight divisions are still up in the air. Is this a bad thing that the UFC is stealing all the stars? Maybe, maybe not. All I can say is that as a fan, I am excited for the match ups now that the UFC has taken over Strikeforce's HW division.

Thanks for the read!

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