What does your P4P List consist of?


Who is the P4P Best fighter in MMA Today? How did he get their? What makes him the best P4P fighter today? Are all questions answered virtually by people who have thousands of different beliefs as to why one person is significantly better than another in the case of P4P Legitimacy. Almost every MMA fan today believes that carrying the 12 pounds of Gold that is the UFC Title would solidify a person as the best in their respective weight class. With the UFC being so highly regarded in the P4P discussion, obviously the best Mixed Martial Artist in the world today would more than likely come from, yup you guessed it... the UFC.

Join Me after the jump as I discuss what I believe the "P4P" list in MMA concludes of.


Jon Jones fought 4 times in the year 2011, and is schedule to make his return to the octagon sometime in April. Which is twice the amount of fights all UFC Champions have had that year, with all Champions outside of Jon Jones and GSP(whom fought once in 2011)fighting only twice in 2011. Consistency in MMA is great, the best time is cage time and that was proven evident with Jon Jones' recent rise to fame as well as Donald Cerrone's consistent victories prior to his loss at the hands of Nate Diaz. Without Consistency in MMA, the P4P rankings get tossed around and so do fighters rankings, many on Mania feel that Jon Jones and or Frankie Edgar are closing in on number 2 while in the midst of GSP's absence.

If talking Consistency, then Jon Jones is the P4P Best fighter on the planet right? fighting 4 times in one year and winning impressively against extremely solid competition, or is their more to these P4P rankings than just the amount of times a fighter is in the Cage?

Opponent History

Everyone loves to bring up who a fighter has fought and whom they've beaten most recently, Well who I've narrowed it down to three fighters with extremely impressive resumes in the recent fights; fighters being Jon Jones, GSP & Dominick Cruz. GSP has defeated Josh Koscheck 2x, Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, BJ Penn 2x, Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves & Jake Shields, 2 of those fights GSP won by finish and the rest he won by decision, Non of those fighters are easy fights and GSP handled most of them fairly easily to solidify his P4P Presence in the topic of opponent history.

GSP has been fighting the best guys in the Welterweight division and winning solidly, when someone asks you has he beaten for you to declare him P4P? You answer in reply would be a great list of who's who in the UFC today, in which all the men previously named are still employed by the UFC.


The P4P rankings today are usually measured by who has been winning and how long have they been doing it? In talks of timing one could always come to the conclusion that Anderson Silva is the best fighter in MMA today or in history. Anderson Silva is undefeated in the UFC with 12 wins over some game competition, only one fighter matches GSP currently in timing and that is GSP, but if their is a clear winner for timing it would and if no one can defeat his record will always be Anderson Silva.

6 years of the Undisputed UFC Middleweight Champion of the world? That's unheard, ground breaking and record breaking. If Length of dominance is what you rate your P4P list on, How can you not choose Anderson Silva?


Finishing a fighter in devastating fashion showcases dominance, Winning all 3/5 rounds of a fight with relative ease solidifies dominance as well. GSP, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones,Jose Aldo & Junior Dos Santos are probably the most dominant of all the UFC Champions today. St. Pierre dominates fighters for the course of 5 rounds, Silva finishes opponents seemingly as if when he chooses he wants to, Dos Santos knocks opponents out, Aldo smashes guys in brutal form and Jon Jones brutally submits his opponents or dog piles them with strikes from start to finish.

The pick for clear dominance in the P4P ranking is truly uncertain, it depends on what you consider as "Dominance", is it crushing guys wills for 5 rounds? Finishing guys in quick, easy, impressive fashion or overall dominance as the better fighter.

Can you say that every fighter that you consider P4P has all of these attributes on this list? I can't

Don't forget to vote on the poll and leave your comments on who you believe is the best fighter in MMA today. Cause hell IDK? What does the list even consists of? Is it a such thing as P4P? Tell Me Maniacs in the Comment Section NOW!

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