What's next for Strikeforce? - Part 2

This is the second part of my opinions on the future of Strikeforce in the MMA busness. I'd suggest catching up on Part 1 here, where I made the suggestion about Strikeforce becoming a structured farm team for the UFC.

The biggest weakness facing Strikeforce in the coming months is the talent pool available in any given weight class, in comparison to that of the UFC.

Just like any good fishing expert knows, you gotta stock the pond sometimes. This means I'm proposing what Dana White might go against:

It's time to send a select few individuals from the UFC to Strikeforce to stock that pond.

The real question is who should go to Strikeforce? After the jump, see my list of two fighters from each UFC weight class that could really use a break from the big time to swim the Strikeforce waters.

Before I go to my list, please remember this is an opinion. I'd love to hear who you would like to see transferred from UFC to Strikeforce in the comments.

Lightweight - Kenny Florian

Kenny is an example of a good but not great fighter, and has a habit of not winning the fights he should really win. I think he is a prime example of someone that could help mix up the Strikeforce roster, and provide a known name for fans to associate with. The benefit to Kenny would be the ability to be the top draw for a company, and get use to the pressures of championship fights, whereas he's currently lost in the UFC's Lightweight Division.

Who are two potential opponents? KJ Noons or Gilbert Melendez

Lightweight - George Sotiropoulos

I think George needs to build his record against single minded opponents. After getting outworked by Dennis Siver and clowned by Rafael dos Anjos, Sotiropoulos needs to get a couple wins under his belt to make himself relevant. Maybe a UFC undercard would be good, but the main card in Strikeforce.

Who are two potential opponents? Joe Duarte or Jorge Masvidal

Welterweight - Dan Hardy

Dan has absolutely no place in the UFC right now, but we love to see him fight. Zuffa can keep him under contract, but let him rebuild his career for a few fights in Strikeforce against their guys. Should he get a few wins under his belt, then he's well on his way to a title shot to get some limelight.

Who are two potential opponents: Tyron Woodley or Paul Daley

I know that Paul and Dan are usually in the same training camp, but who wouldn't want to yell "BOMBS AWAY" when they start swinging for the fences.

Welterweight - Jon Fitch

This is probably the boldest name on my list and the least likely to happen.

HOWEVER, Jon Fitch needs to finish fights and not try and take down referees. Kim Winslow will be his referee to ensure that he has lots of time to recover from a punch.

Since this is the biggest name coming over ...

Who are two potential opponents ... actually, he'd be one half of a title fight to determine the next Strikeforce Welterweight Champion.

Middleweight - Jason MacDonald & Steve Cantwell

I've blocked these two together as they are both looking to rejuvenate their careers by getting back on track. I'm surprised that Cantwell hasn't been cut from the UFC, and The Athlete has been in and out of the UFC more than any other fighter I remember. I guess being Canadian counts for something once a year.

Who are two potential opponents: Really, anyone in the Strikeforce Middleweight Division would be a fair match up for two fighters that need to find their winning ways again.

Light Heavyweight - Brandon Vera

After being cut and brought back because of Cane failed drug test, Brandon needs to get his game face on for a few W's. Should he get a win or two, maybe he could content for the Strikeforce title as a means to get into the UFC ranks once again.

Who are two potential opponents: Ronaldo 'Jacaré' Souza or Robbie Lawler

Light Heavyweight - Krzysztof Soszynski

The Polish Experiment needs a change of laboratory to continue tinkering in an easier division. He's already struggled with difficult opponents ... and by difficult I mean the UFC's middle of the road fighters. His record is 3-3 in the last 6 fights.

Who are two potential opponents: Ovince St Preux or Mike Kyle

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