The Real FOTY

Are you ass clowns serious? Those two over hill fucks won FOTY? That's bullshit. There is a slew of fights that were far better this year, you fucks are crazy.

You want a real, high level MMA fight? You want excitement out the ass and cardio for days? Look no further than Ben Henderson vs Clay Guida.

That is easily this year's best MMA fight. The sport is mixed martial arts right? Sure everyone loves a good brawl, but high level MMA is the cream of the crop.

Bendo / Guida had it all. Crazy cardio, mad scrambles, wrestling, sub attempts, striking, both fighters getting rocked, the back and forth madness that ensued was unbelivable. Anytime Guida loses, it's like the best fight ever. When you want to show someone what a perfect MMA fight looks like, this is it right here. Both fighters showing good chins, and did you see the fucking cardio? This was essentially a wild brawl packed into a technical MMA stream of consciousness. It was by far the most amazing fight in terms of MMA, that I've ever seen in a long time. All I could say was holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. These guys just kept going at it. Man you guys really are some ass clowns.

And what about Edgar Maynard 2? 3? Both of these fights were ridiculous. I don't see how Hendo / Shogun tops this. Frankie probably has the most technical boxing in all of MMA, what a beauty it is to watch that. The epic comebacks in both fights, and for the fucking belt, against his nemesis. Jesus, you want action, you want drama, it's all right there.

Alvarez / Chandler was amazing as well. I'd put this behind the other fights, but many would argue that this should be top dog. Amazing back and forth, crazy power displayed by Chandler, and taking out a top dog, although not in the UFC, was amazing. Some real athleticism displayed by that guy right there, if he was in the UFC, heck if either of them were, they are big problems for everyone. Let's drop the UFC nuthugger shit for this one. LW has serious talent everywhere, except maybe Japan ( - 1 ) . Anyway, you fuckers suck.

And if you want to take the toughman brawl approach, fucking Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley is by far the best bar brawl this year easily. People getting dropped left and right, coming right back, cardio the whole round, one of the craziest brawls I ever seen.

Heck, I'd even through Pat Barry vs Chieck Kongo in there. If that fight didn't have you jumping out of your seat , you don't have a fucking pulse. To see two huge HWs with crazy power, who are some of the best strikers in the division just go HAM , oh fuck you guys.

I get the Hendo / Shogun shit, it was definitely a sick brawl, but these guys gassed so hard, and they were just so sloppy, it just looked like two old beat up war veterans compared to these other monsters who are in their prime, and really pushing it. I get the nostalgia approach, two Pride warriors, bla bla bla. That's fine, the shit shouldn't make you blind though.

Fuck you guys. You suck.

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