Chael Sonnen: Jon Jones' camp had an opportunity to mess with Rampage Jackson's head ... and they ruined it


Chael Sonnen has yet to lay claim to the UFC's 185-pound title, but he's still the undisputed champion of psychological warfare.

It should come as no surprise then, to hear the trash-talking middleweight express his disappointment at the camp of reigning light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

That's because "Bones" had crept into the psyche of UFC 135 opponent Quinton Jackson, who accused the Jones' gang of infiltrating his training camp and planting a mole.

Jones, as well as manager Malki Kawa, fired back to defend the integrity of their team, squashing the "Spygate" rumors before they had a chance to pick up any more steam.

As Sonnen tells The MMA Hour, they "ruined" the opportunity to prey upon Jackson's pre-fight paranoia:

"It's a mental thing. If Rampage wants to be Mr. Private, and that's how he feels better, then let him. Tito [Ortiz] is the same way. Tito doesn't let guys watch him. I don't really get it. What could you possibly learn? A guy's got a couple hands, a couple feet and he's going to use them all in the ring. I don't know. I truly don't know. And if you're opponent wants to worry about you and what you're going to do, then he's not thinking about himself and what what he's going to do, and that's what really matters. So the whole thing was silly, but it was a major opportunity ... and the Jones camp ruined it ... As I understood it, Rampage actually canceled a workout over this whole thing. He puts out, 'Oh man, my hand's hurt.' This was his way of pulling the mole out. 'Oh, my hand's hurt, I can't work out.' He actually skips the workout to see if that information gets back. It does come back to him. If you're Jon Jones, why would you not keep that going? Why would you possibly stop that?"

This isn't the first time Rampage has allegedly been victimized by loose lips.

The Memphis mauler insists someone was dishing the dirt on his knee injury to the Rashad Evans camp prior to their UFC 114 main event match-up, one that saw "Suga" target Jackson's wounded knee on fight night.

Whether or not it was true, is irrelevant.

The fact of the matter is that Jackson already had it in his head that he was being watched, and the Jones camp failed to take advantage of it.

Chael Sonnen is disappointed.

But are you?

Do these kinds of backstage shenanigans hold your interest? Or does it distract from the art of war and the honor that accompanies it? Where is the line drawn between teenage drama and pre-fight hype?

Opinions, please.

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