Is Glover Teixeira the best light heavyweight not under ZUFFA?

The most top heavy division in mixed martial arts (MMA) is none other then the light heavyweight division.The UFC king-pin is Jon Jones but after him are pack of hungry wolves-Quinton Jackson, Rashad Evans, Mauricio Rua and Lyoto Machida are all former UFC champions who are vying to achieve gold once again.

The most prized free agent once again, Dan Henderson may also wiggle his way to the front of the line if he has his way after the UFC 135 confrontation between Jones and Rampage.The 205 is a mean street but who will emerge on top?

There is another hungry wolf out there and his name is Glover Teixeira (17-2) with 13 stoppages (11 K0/TKO and 2 Submissions). This Texieria is a heavy handed Brazilian from the famous 'The Pit' camp led by head trainer John Hackleman and prized student and former UFC light heavyweightc hampion Chuck Liddell.

Has the 'Iceman' cometh with a new slugger?

At age 31, Texieria is finally coming to be the elite striker he is after starting the sport in 2002.. Armed with a  background in Hawaiian Kempo and Boxing have helped him notch wins over Sokoudjou, Marcio Cruz and recently beat MMA veteran Marvin Eastman. His most notable loss was against Ed Herman in 2005 via decision, it was also his fourth fight at professional.

Now i am sure you're thinking 'If it goes to the ground, you can stop him easily" but the resume speaks otherwise in the grappling department.He has grappled with brute force Jeff Monson and Lyyod Irvin product Brand Vera. He won the 2009 ADCC trails in the under 99kg division and locked up second place in the 2011 Brazilian ADCC trails.

The heavy handed Teixeira would much rather take your head off but if the game goes to the ground make sure you kept up to date with you BJJ. The iconic sprawl and brawl skill used by Liddell to avoid takedowns has slowly but surely come on with Teixeira and that will help him against elite wrestlers in the ligh heavyweight division such as Tito Ortiz or Rashad Evans.

Currently under the SHOOTO banner in Brazil that held an event to coincide with the UFC: Rio event on the night prior (Aug. 25th) was another win for Brazil. Teixeira will never forget his roots but if the 31 year old is as serious as he appears to be he needs to up his challenger calorie counta nd face the best of the best.

The UFC who have been plauged with injuries and suspensions could use Teixeira as sson as possible as Alex Gustafsson, Vladimir Matyushenko, Luiz Cane and Stanislav Nedkov all need a bout in the near future. Why not bring in a fun fighter who may in fact cause a little more stir to the UFC light heavyweight coffee?

So Maniac's, what do you think of Teixiera if you've seen him or read about him?

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