Dan Henderson still wants to unify UFC and Strikeforce titles, not interested in fighting Shogun Rua

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Dan Henderson wants to sign a Zuffa contract to compete inside the Octagon and immediately be placed at the front of the light heavyweight line to face the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Quinton Jackson fight at UFC 135 to unify the UFC and Strikeforce 205-pound titles.

That's what he wants, at least.

What he doesn't want is anything to do with a rumored match-up against Mauricio Rua, who, despite just knocking out former champion Forrest Griffin, needs another big win before he'll catch "Hendo's" interest.

And as for that speculated rematch against Anderson Silva, well, it doesn't even appear to be on his radar.

Here's how "Dangerous" Dan laid out his desires, which, of course, will have to be precluded by his signing a contract with UFC, something he tells MMAInterviews.TV isn't necessarily close to happening:

"I think the biggest fight that the UFC would make money on and the fans would want to see, I would think, would be me against the winner of Jones and Rampage. That would be a fight to unify the titles with Strikeforce and UFC, I think that would be a good move. ... I'm not opposed to (fighting Shogun) but I think it wouldn't be a fight that I would be excited about right now. I think maybe if he's got one more big win on him. I don't know, it's not really my place to say but I think business wise for the UFC, it would be the biggest thing for them, to unify the titles."

There's just one problem with Henderson's idea.

Aside from the fact that he still hasn't come to terms with his former boss on a new contract, UFC President Dana White isn't too keen on the idea of letting "Hollywood" just walk right into his light heavyweight division and contest for the title right away.

And they've been down this road before.

After back-to-back title losses to Quinton Jackson and Anderson Silva in his 2007 return to the UFC, Henderson reeled off three consecutive wins, including a thunderous knockout over Michael Bisping to secure what many believed to be another 185-pound title shot.

It never came.

That's because his contract had expired shortly after "The Count" did and the two sides had very different ideas as to what "Hendo's" value was.

Henderson bolted for San Jose and may, at long last, come full circle after a stellar 3-1 run with Strikeforce.

That's if they can make the numbers work and if "Dangerous" Dan is willing to accept the fact that he'll have to beat a top contender in the tough 205-pound weight class before getting another crack at the division crown.

But if he does, he's not interested in that top contender being "Shogun." So who should it be? A rematch with Anderson Silva, maybe this time at light heavyweight? Or a dance with "The Dragon," Lyoto Machida?


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