UFC on Versus 6 press conference LIVE updates today (Sep. 29) for 'Cruz vs Johnson' in Washington D.C.


Ultimate Fighting Championship is right back in action promoting this Saturday's (October 1, 2011) free event, UFC on Versus 6, which is taking place in Washington D.C.

Headlining the free show will be the return of UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz as he looks to defend his title for the fourth time against challenger Demetrious Johnson

Cruz has risen to the top with a unique fighting style that has baffled every opponent in his way. He recently defended his belt against the only man to ever previously defeat him, Urijah Faber, at UFC 132. His opponent, Demetrious Johnson, is coming off the most impressive victory of his career against former WEC champion Miguel Torres at UFC 130. He's hoping his speed can make up for Cruz's unorthodox style.

The co-main event features a a very unique heavyweight battle as 6'11 Dutch fighter Stefan Struve takes on 5'11 American kickboxer Pat Barry. Both men are coming off of thrilling knockout losses in fights they had been previously winning and this has the potential to have the most awkward pre-fight staredown in UFC history.

Anthony Johnson has widely been considered one of the top welterweight prospects and he scored a significant victory in his last bout against former title challenger Dan Hardy in a bout that he showcased his wrestling. He'll have a tougher time outwrestling Charlie Brenneman, an AMA Fight Club trained fighter with a strong wrestling base who's coming off the biggest win of his career.

Cruz, Johnson, Struve, Barry, Johnson and Brenneman will participate in the UFC on Versus 6 press conference today (September 29, 2011) at 1 p.m. ET.

MMAmania.com will deliver up-to-the-second live updates of the conference call after the jump:

Brian Hemminger here. The call is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. ET.

Anthony Johnson: Charlie when he fought Rick Story did a great job and I didn't know he could wrestle that good. The only fight I'd seen of him before was against Johny Hendricks and he was doing good in that fight before he got caught. He's a very talented fighter. 

Charlie Brenneman: When it comes to go-time, it's one of those things where we revert back to where we're comfortable. What I do in this fight depends what he throws at me. I'm prepared for every aspect of it.

Reed Harris: Ticket sales are going well but there are tickets available.

Reed Harris: These guys are incredible fighters. They're some of the most exciting fights I've seen in MMA. I think they've already broken through. I think they're as good of fighters as the heavyweights. 

Dominick Cruz: I'm not going out there to defend anything. I'm going out there to win something new when I fight for the title. I don't own anything. This will be like my first time winning it.

Dominick Cruz: Success feels good. I feel I'm a fighter and I love what I do. It's easier to say focused when I see all these maniacs coming up the division that want to fight me and take my belt.

Demetrious Johnson: I think he's the champion, I think he's the best of the best of fhe weight class. On Saturday night I'm coming with a lot of fire and I'm gonna bring the fight.

Demetrious Johnson: All the other opponents that he's faced are great fighters but I bring different tools. You'll have to tune in on Saturday night to watch it. I've prepared myself to win.

Pat Barry: In MMA, we've got to be able to do everything. We've got to be able to defend on the ground and attack on the ground. Stefan could be able to submit me off his back while I'm standing. I've been working with a lot of top wrestlers that can grapple at Death Clutch. Do I plan on going to the ground? I don't plan on going to the ground ever. I could slip and fall and put myself on the ground but I don't want to.

Demetrious Johnson: It's the story of my life. I'm the smallest guy in the UFC.

Stefan Struve: I've been doing my camp in Holland. I'm fighting K-1 level kickboxers like Daniel Ghita in preparation.

Reed Harris: There are so many elements to where we go and where we do pay-per-views compared to Versus shows. I do know there are a lot of places, a lot of cities that are asking us to do events. I know Washington D.C. has been on the radio for a long time.

Pat Barry: I personally don't have hostility against anybody. I wasn't aware that there was tension against Kongo. The staredown? He was leaning on my forehead and I was keeping him balanced with my face. The closer you get to the top of the mountain, the smaller amount of top people there are. This is the top of the mountain. There's nothing past this other than maybe fighting in space. It's gonna have to happen. I don't think there's any animosity against fighters at the top. I don't need hate or anger to get in the ring. If we weren't gonna fight each other I was gonna keep making jokes with him. That's a cool dude. If you don't know him, get to know him. Stefan's the man.

Dominick Cruz: Every fight I try to bring something new and I can change up depending on who I fight. I have a significant reach advantage over him and I plan on keeping the fight where I want it.

Anthony Johnson: I love fighting too much, this is where my heart is. Acting is hard. I'd rather get punched in the face than have to do a scene over and over again. Fighting is in my heart. If an acting gig comes around after I retire, I might think about it. Fighting is in my heart, the UFC is my home.

Pat Barry: I will be in comedy clubs but in the audience. I think the humor that comes across from me to people is just my honesty, saying the things that tough guys don't normally say. I think it's my presentation.

Charlie Brenneman: After the success of my last fight, it didn't change my training but me personally, I hold myself to a higher standard now. I did get some good time in the city at Renzo Gracie's. It's not necessarily I did new stuff, I did more of what I've been doing.

Reed Harris: Not a bit. I read that today we're gonna possibly do a show in Vegas the same night we do a show in Japan in February. We're over 200 employees at UFC. We work every day to get things moving and it's not a problem at all. 

Dominick Cruz: I do feel at home out here. I come out here as often as I can do get training in with these guys. They're just a dope team that I get along with very well. They're awesome people and they just bring the support behind me and I feel awesome.

Demetrious Johnson: They welcomed me with open arms. It wasn't like I'm in hostile territory. They took care of me here and I loved it.

Anthony Johnson: The weight is coming off fine. I feel great. It was the best training camp I've ever had. No worries or complaints.

Dominick Cruz: Stevan Segal no. I went up and tried to say something to him and he had his sunglasses on and I was like, "Man you're a lot bigger than you look on TV," and he just looked at me. He didn't have one thing to say to me. 

Stefan Struve: I'll block a Pat Barry head kick with my shin (laughs)

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