ADCC 2011: David Avellan blames leg injury on Rousimar Palhares who 'cranked' after referee yelled 'stop'

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Rousimar Palhares has a tendency to be cranky when he competes.

Since his UFC debut back in 2008, the stumpy submission specialist has made headlines with his bizarre behavior and questionable stoppages.

Just ask Tomasz Drwal, who was damn near dismembered at UFC 111, despite tapping, after the Brazilian failed to release a heel hook when instructed to by referee Kevin Mulhall.

Palhares apologized, but it didn't save him from a 90-day suspension.

History has a way of repeating itself, and in the 2011 Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) submission grappling tournament, "Toquinho" locked on to the leg of David Avellan and didn't let go -- despite rolling out of bounds and being instructed to stop.

From Team FFA:

"He shoulder-butted me right from the get-go and smacked me in the head a couple of times, kind of uncalled for. From my guard, he was trying to pass to side and I was just really cautious with the leg locks. My memory is a little blurry on this but at one point I turtled and then I was in a heel hook. We started rolling and we went out of bounds. The referee said 'stop,' I stopped, he cranked, I yelled and my knee popped right there. He thought the match was over, I guess, he kind of clubbed me again, I dunno what's his deal, if he's slow ... I was pretty upset."

Avellan and his team discuss the injury, along with video of the incident, after the jump.

Alright Maniacs, let's get some thoughts on this latest mishap. Do you believe Palhares is good-natured but "slow," or a grappling bully hell-bent on hurting anyone who gets in his way?

Opinions, please.

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