UFC wanted Lyoto Machida to fight Phil Davis -- except nobody told 'Mr. Wonderful'

via assets.sbnation.com

Undefeated light heavyweight up-and-comer Phil Davis was expected to fight former 205-pound champion Lyoto Machida on the main card of the UFC 140 pay-per-view on Dec. 10 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

There was just one minor obstacle: Nobody told "Mr. Wonderful."

UFC President Dana White yesterday tweeted that he "jumped the gun" in telling MMA Weekly about the potential light heavyweight match-up and that as of today (Sept. 28), the fight was no longer under consideration.

In fact, Davis (via USA Today) hadn't even heard about the pairing until it was already dead and buried.

"All of this is news to me. I'm still recovering and training. That's pretty much the story. I guess the boss must have looked to book me. ... I'm just not a go yet. I wasn't really involved in any of this whole story, other than I'm the guy in question. I've got to get with the guys in charge and see what they want me to do next. ... I'm merely one of the characters in a video game. I just run down the field. I don't call the plays. I would love to be in there putting on a good show and fighting, but my leg just does not agree with that. You put a timetable on it, it just may not work. You've just got to play it by ear. ... I don't want to tell the fans I'm going to be back next week, and then that turns into two weeks from now or two months from now."

This isn't the first time the promotion has toyed with the idea of a Davis vs. Machida match-up.

In fact, it was a very real possibility following the roster changes that afflicted the UFC 133 fight card when Davis first injured his leg. Machida, who was denied "Anderson Silva money" to rematch Rashad Evans on Aug. 6 in Philadelphia, quickly set his sights on the collegiate wrestling star.

The Brazilian's manager broke it all down for Yahoo! just last month:

"We already contacted them and we'll be able to talk more about that soon. (Davis) is the most concrete option in the division. He'd be a huge opponent for Lyoto, who's one of the biggest idols of the sport in Brazil and needs to fight again soon."

"The Dragon" hasn't seen the inside of a cage since his crane kick knockout of Randy Couture at the UFC 129 event back in April. He's been itching to get back into action and is already game-planning for the possibility that he squares off with "Mr. Wonderful."

He just doesn't know when.

Any Maniacs out there care to take a guess as to when these two will eventually hook 'em up? Or is it time to let this ship leave port and find a new opponent?

Sound off!

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