Rashad Evans 'doesn't respect' what Greg Jackson did in rift with Jon Jones


Been there, done that.

UFC light heavyweight number one contender, Rashad Evans, is moving on after a highly-publicized fallout with his long time trainers at Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Specifically, head trainer Greg Jackson.

Evans, who now trains at Imperial Athletics in Boca Raton, Florida, alongside Strikeforce fighters Antonio Silva and Gesias Cavalcante, previously called Jackson's camp home for almost five years. The initial fallout began when Jon Jones stated he would willingly fight his teammate if Dana White told him to, sour news to "Suga's" ears.

One would assume that water would flow under the bridge and Evans would eventually return to the place that helped him claim the 205-pound strap back in 2008, but the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 2 champion has revealed that even after he battles it out with "Bones," who is now Jackson's new prized pupil, he will never return to the famed camp.

Evans elaborates during a recent Q&A session:

"No, I don't think I'm ever going to train back at the Jackson camp, I will go back to Albuquerque (N.M.) at Mean 1, at Keith (Jardine's) gym, but the things at Jackson's camp, they're just different now. It's not the same no more. Back in the day, it was like we were all family. We were really tight with each other. But now it's gotten so commercial, Greg is always gone all over the place, and it's just not family no more. It's too transient. You can pay a certain amount of money and you can come and live at the Jackson camp and it just got so transient, you'd see so many different faces come and go. It's just not the same place as before. Like before, I could leave my mitts on the mat and then come back, and I know they'll still be there. Now I leave my mitts on the mat for five minutes, I'm like, who got my mitts? It's beyond a blame, Greg knew what he was doing, what was up with it when he brought him into camp, and that's why I don't have too much to say to Greg anymore. Because it's like you knew I told you about this before it even happened, and you sat up there and said ‘if you can't trust your friends, who can you trust,' but then when it goes down you want to wash your hands and walk away and so ‘oh, I had nothing to do with this,' but you brought it to make it happen. So I don't like that, and I don't respect that."

It seems this is the norm now for Jackson's camp nowadays as two of his other pupils in George St. Pierre (part-time) and Carlos Condit, will also face each other when they square off for the Canadian's title on Oct. 29 at UFC 137 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jackson has already stated that he is going to wash his hands from that dilemma and not corner either fighter. It makes you wonder why the Jones and Evans situation couldn't be handled as smoothly as this.

What do you think Maniacs, should Rashad just let it go and move on, or does he have a legitimate beef here with Team Jackson?

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