Kurt Angle: Dana White wanted me to fight Kimbo Slice on pay-per-view


It's true ... it's damn true.

At least in the mind of Olympic gold medalist and longtime professional wrestler Kurt Angle, who continues to talk mixed martial arts while promoting his role in the "Warrior" movie that's currently fading away at the box office.

Angle, a headliner for Impact! Wrestling, formerly known as Total Nonstop Action (TNA), definitely has the credentials to make a name for himself inside the Octagon. After all, who wouldn’t want to have an Olympic gold medalist on their roster?

You know, assuming you could overlook his history of pill-popping and drunk driving.

In a conversation with The Void, the Pittsburgh native reveals his "trials" to get into MMA and the offers that were given to him by UFC President Dana White, including a pay-per-view slot against bearded brawler Kimbo Slice.

"I’ve tried out five times; let me tell you what happened.I met with the IFL, I met with Pro VFC, I met with Pride, I met with the UFC twice, and the reason I did not sign with any of them was, the three other companies weren’t paying me near what UFC was offering, so there was a money issue; then, the UFC, who I would have signed with in a second -- and I passed their physical, thank God -- wanted me to start just four-and-a-half weeks later. No way. I had to do what they wanted under their terms. Me trying out for the Olympics is under my terms. I choose my weight class, how I’m gonna train, who I’m gonna train with, and that the US Open is when I’m gonna start. It was hard because I love Dana White and I respect him a lot. The first time I met him he wouldn’t let me wrestle and fight, and I had just signed with TNA, and I didn’t want to go back to TNA and say 'Hey, I’m not doing this now…' so he said 'call me when you’re done wrestling.' I called him a couple of years later – I was getting a little tired of wrestling – I said 'Hey, I’m ready,' so we had another meeting and he had me do a physical, and he threw a great offer at me, but said 'I need you in four and a half weeks.' I said 'I can’t do that. You’ve gotta give me 3-6 months,' but he said 'I need you in four a half weeks,' so I said 'Well then; we’re not going to be able to do this.' We didn’t talk for a while, but now we’re back to being good friends. The reason Dana White wanted me so quickly though, is because he wanted to put me in the next available pay-per-view against Kimbo Slice."

Very odd matchmaking if the fight would have went down.

Angle, a superior wrestler against a "one trick pony" in Kimbo Slice, probably wouldn’t have made for the most exciting match; however, it’s interesting to see that Dana White and the ZUFFA brass may have actually been considering this.

Though far from a freak show, the matchmaking probably would have left some people scratching their heads. 

Fans who have been anticipating Kurt Angle's MMA debut may have to keep on holding their breath as the 42-year-old wrestling guru recently revealed he signed a new three-year deal with Impact.

Anyone buying what Angle is selling? Or is he a gold medalist in tall tales as well as wrestling?

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