Larry Merchant respects Dana White for 'making a multimillion dollar business out of street fighting'


What, you thought this was over? Silly little MMA fan!

Crumbling commentator Larry Merchant, who according to UFC President Dana White is senile and out of his mind, respects what the Las Vegas-based fight promoter has done in his short time as leader of the mixed martial arts movement.

After all, he made a multimillion dollar business out of street fighting and turned it into a so-called sport. At least that's what Merchant told Chris Robinson at Boxing Scene:

"Let’s see, anyone who can make a multimillion dollar business out of street fighting has to be respected. My opinion is that anyone is allowed to put up a tent, put on a show, and invite people to come. And obviously he’s had a lot of success. Good for him. I don’t watch it. I don’t get a so-called sport in which you can have a 6-2 record and be called a world champion. I just don’t appreciate the finer points of MMA. It’s a free country. I’m a commentator, and if I’m commenting and observing on others than how can I not be open to others observing and commenting on me?"

So what's the beef between these two?

White, a lifelong boxing fan, came out swinging against Merchant when the aging analyst interrogated Floyd Mayweather following his controversial win over Vitor Ortiz at the "Star Power" pay-per-view earlier this month.

The situation with Mayweather escalated to the point where Merchant, on air, was asking for a time machine to go back and "kick his ass."

Have a look:

Well Maniacs, what say you? Should White mind his own business? Or does he have a right to cheer and jeer his favorite sports just like any other die-hard fan?


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